Dazzle Me Slot Review

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Dazzle Me Slot Review
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It’s generally rare that you’ll read the title of a slot game and still be absolutely none the wiser as to what the game is actually about. One good example of this is the Dazzle Me slot. Is it about some theatrical superstar dazzling on stage or screen?

Nope. In actual fact this is a slot game based on gemstones, which is where the dazzle comes from. However, this is not your standard slot layout. Although it has five reels, the slot plays in a very different way to the typical 5×3 reel game. Let’s take a closer look at what the Dazzle Me slot from NetEnt has to offer.

Overview: Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me is a slot that has 5 reels, but these reels do not display the same number of symbols. Reels 1 and 2 both display three symbols. Reels 3 and 4 both display four symbols. Finally, reel 5 displays five symbols. This makes for an unusual-looking slot. But the good news is that it plays very similarly to any of the other 5-reel slots you can play.

There are a total of 76 paylines in operation on the bet, although you do not need to cover every payline with your bet. (The minimum bet available is $0.20 and this can be increased greatly up to bets of $200.00.)  You can increase the Level of your bet to increase the size of the wager and you can also increase the individual Coin Value to the level you are comfortable at to ensure your bet is scaled appropriately.

Who will the Dazzle Me slot appeal to?

Dazzle Me is a slot game that will certainly appeal to almost all slot fans. It may look slightly unusual (though there are an increasing number of slots in the 3-3-4-4-5 symbol on the reels format these days) but it plays very similarly to a standard 5×3 slot. This means traditional slot fans as well as those who prefer newer, more modern looking games will find something to enjoy here.

With a jackpot of 152,000 coins up for grabs, this is a slot that can really offer you a chance at a big win, especially when played at the maximum coin value (0.20 or $40 per spin). This figure will certainly appeal to slots fans who enjoy chasing the bigger jackpot games. The slot also has some excellent bonus features, which will draw in players and which we’ll explore more in the section below.

Gameplay: Dazzle Me

The gameplay on the Dazzle Me slot is relatively straightforward. All you do is select the Coin Value you want to play (from  $0.01 up to $0.20). Then you can select the Level you wish to play at (from 1 through to 10). These two factors combine to give you your total bet size.  Alternatively, to play for Max Bet ($40) you can just click the Max Bet option when the coin value is set to $0.20.

Once you have the reels spinning then the game comes to life. It has to be said that Dazzle Me is a very enjoyable slot, even though it is generally a simple game to understand. The first thing to understand though is how the paylines work.

Even though the reel set up is different, the paylines in the Dazzle Me slot operate in the same way from left to right starting on reel one. The good news is that symbols are stacked in this game. This makes it possible to land stacked symbols across several reels. When this happens, you can land some massive wins in the base game, without even having to trigger a bonus feature.

In this game, the lower paying symbols are the gemstones, with the green and blue gemstones being the lowest value. These are followed by the red and purple stones. The other two symbols offering payouts of a higher value are the bell and the highest paying standard symbol is the seven.

Additional features

These are not the only symbols on the reels. The other symbol you can land is triggered when you launch the Dazzling Wild Reels feature. This overlays a selected reel with Wild symbols turning the entire reel wild. This feature can turn between 1 and all 5 reels wild when activated and it substitutes for all symbols except the free spins symbol.

Speaking of which, the Free Spin symbol is the other symbol on the reels. This symbol is located on all reels. When you land three, four or five of them, you enter a free spins round. This, consists of 8, 12 or 16 free spins respectively depending on how many scatters you landed.

One of the best features of the game is the Linked Reels feature which occurs during Free Spins only and what happens here is that at the beginning of each spin, reels 1 and 2 as well as reels 3 and 4 are linked to each other. That means you will see the exact same symbols on reels 1 and 2 and reels 3 and 4 will show the same symbols as each other. If you can match the symbols across all four reels, then the potential for some massive wins is there.

Special features: Dazzle Me

Stacked symbols

All of the lower value and higher value symbols are stacked across all the reels which can help create multiple winning paylines when you can land them next to each other, or when you manage to trigger the Dazzling Wild Reels bonus which turns a random number of reels completely Wild.

Free Spins bonus

Land three or more of the Scatter symbols across the reels and you will trigger between 8 and 16 free spins, which also sees the Linked Reels bonus in operation offering you the chance of some huge wins.

Dazzling Wild reels

During any spin the Dazzling Wild feature may start. This can turn between one and five reels completely Wild and when it does offers punters the chance of a much greater payout than would have been available on the usual spin. However, this feature does not guarantee a win.

What works?

Unusual reel layout

There is no doubt that the look of the Dazzle Me slot is going to catch the eye of many slot players. The 3-3-4-4-5 set up is interesting yet simple enough to understand and it does make the slot more interesting to play, especially when you can trigger the two big features in the game.

Base game wins

The most rewarding aspect of this slot is that you don’t have to hit the features to record some big wins. Base game wins do vary considerably from small wins not as much as your total bet, to some huge wins which can really give your bank balance a massive boost.

Stacked symbols

The fact that all the high and low value symbols are stacked across the reels does make hitting several winning paylines on a particular spin easier, although hitting lots of the same symbols on reels, 1, 2, 4 and 5 and then a stacked different symbol on reel three is a tad annoying.

What doesn’t?

No multipliers

One of the biggest disappointments in the game is a lack of multipliers, both in the base game and perhaps even more frustratingly in the feature bonuses. However, this is somewhat mitigated by the generous payouts available in the base game to be fair.

Difficult to trigger features

]The biggest knock against the Dazzle Me slot is just how difficult it is to trigger the features. During the review for this game, I spun thousands of times and triggered the Dazzling Wild features just once and the Free Spins feature did not trigger at all. This is hugely frustrating.

Medium to high volatility game

This is a medium to high volatility slot and as such, it can play tight at times, but at others it can be particularly rewarding. However given how long it can take to trigger bonus features, sensible budgeting with your cash is an absolute fundamental if you are going to enjoy the Dazzle Me slot in all its glory.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

The presentation of the Dazzle Me slot is perfectly adequate without being spectacular. The backdrop is a little puzzling given its misty, out of focus hue but the reels and the symbols are well designed and the musical background suits the slot well.

Originality & creativity 4/5

The fact that the slot has an unusual layout for five reels, 76 paylines in play and offers a great mix of payouts in the base game and two different features which also offers big wins means that the Dazzle Me slot scores very well for creativity and originality.

Play value 3/5

Although this is a medium and occasionally higher variance slot, the fact that you can win some big amounts in the base game relatively frequently, especially when playing at higher wager levels, means that the play value is actually better on this slot than it is for some cheaper to play games.

Jackpot potential 4/5

With a massive jackpot available of up to 152,000 coins, this is one slot that will certainly have all the big jackpot hunters out in force trying to earn their share of a very healthy top prize.

Repeat play 4/5

Although triggering the bonus features knocks this score down a point, the fact that the bonus game can offer such healthy rewards and that the slot has enough interest in the base game alone to keep you playing, I think most players will enjoy spins on this slot repeatedly for many months before they get a little bored waiting to trigger the features.

Total score: 18/25

The Dazzle Me slot has a lot going for it including some excellent features, great payouts in the base game and an unusual look, yet the slot plays familiarly enough for any slot fan to enjoy it.

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