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Deal Or No Deal Slots
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Noel Edmonds was the first the create this extremely simple game of opening boxes to reveal and eliminate different cash amounts, and it has resulted in Deal or No Deal gaining an almost cult-like following.

Although essentially a random game of chance, the chance to walk away with virtually nothing or a huge jackpot ensures that the TV show maintains a healthy fan base and ever willing list of competitors wanting to play.

There have been several Deal or No Deal-themed slots and games available to play, but the new version at Virgin online casino in New Jersey boasts a progressive jackpot which you can win if you manage to trigger the Deal or No Deal bonus round.

Let’s take a look whether or not this is “a deal” worth making, shall we?

Overview: Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a 20-payline, 5×3 slot from Gamesys which has three bonus features linked closely to the TV show. The gameplay is typical of most online slots in New Jersey, and it seems to be a low-to-medium volatility game given that it is relatively easy to trigger smaller base game wins.

Bigger wins come through the feature games and the occasional base game win when you hit the playing card high symbols on the reels.

This is a fast, fun, and pleasurable game to play, although it would be improved by being able to use an autoplay feature.

Who will the Deal or No Deal slot appeal to?

This is a slot that will certainly appeal to all slots fans. Although the base game isn’t packed with action, it offers steady wins and the opportunity to trigger a number of the fantastic features, which will certainly keep slot fans playing.

Fans of the TV show will also love the Banker Bonus and especially the Deal or No Deal bonus round, which is an accurate representation of being a contestant on the show.

Gameplay: Deal or No Deal

Deal or No DEal 8First impressions of the Deal or No Deal slot are that it isn’t that remarkable a slot when it comes to the base game. In a contrast to other slots, in this game the playing card symbols are the high symbols, with the retro-styled fruit machine symbol logos the lower.

Wins come relatively frequently, but most don’t cover your bet. Occasionally you will land a bigger base game win, which does boost your finances.

That means Deal or No Deal isn’t massively expensive to play. The game is a 20-payline slot with the usual 5×3 reels in play the presentation is initially basic, with sparse sound effects used sparingly to heighten the tension of the game.

Although understated, this works well. The action kicks up a notch, however, when you activate one of the three big bonus features of the slot and in truth, it is these features that make the game.

The Banker’s Offer feature triggers on a winning spin and offers you a guaranteed cash amount, or you can reject that amount and take the winnings you’d receive from the free spin.

The choice is yours.

The second bonus feature sees you select from 15 suitcases, most of which hide cash sums, one of which is the Win All selection which sees you win all the money in each suitcase. The others are the Game Over selections which end the game.

This is a simple pick me game that does seem to reward you very well, or very poorly, with little in between.

The best feature is the Deal or No Deal bonus, which sees you play through a round of the game show, with the progressive jackpot as the available top prize. Play the game exactly as you do on the TV, selecting numbered boxes to eliminate cash amounts to try and increase the bankers offer, or leave you with a chance of winning the jackpot.

Special features: Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal bonus

Triggered by landing three of the Deal or No Deal Bonus symbols across the reels.

Enter this bonus to play through your own round of Deal or No Deal like on Deal or No Deal 11the TV show, with the progressive jackpot as the top prize. Pick from the available boxes to eliminate them and the cash amounts attributed to them to earn a prize, or accept the banker’s offer to earn a guaranteed cash sum.

Select A Suitcase bonus game

A basic pick me game, triggered when you land three bonus scatters, where all the symbols on the reels turn into suitcases and you pick from them to win various amounts of money.

Avoid picking the Game Over symbols to end your game prematurely. You can also pick a Win All suitcase to win all the money on show in that round.

Banker’s Offer feature

A straightforward yet entertaining feature which triggers on random winning spins, with the banker offering a player a cash sum guaranteed, rather than the money they’d win on the spin. The player can choose to accept the banker’s amount, or reject it and instead take the money won on the resulting spin.

Pick wisely and you’ll win the higher amount.

What works?

Deal or No Deal bonus

If you are interested in this slot due to the TV show, then this bonus feature will make your day. The opportunity to play through your own round of Deal or No Deal, with the progressive jackpot available to be won, as well as a number of other cash prizes, is a fantastic addition and really enhances the game and strengthens the link between the slot and TV show immensely.

Regular wins

Although in real life Deal or No Deal is a highly volatile game, its base game in the slot is far more user-friendly, rewarding players with regular small base game wins and the occasional bigger win, both in the base game and through the bonus features, to keep balances topped up nicely.

Banker’s Offer

This exciting feature only occurs on a random winning spin, but can offer you a bigger prize than your spin would pay out. The choice of whether to accept the banker’s offer, or take the money from your spin, is yours, but you need to pick wisely to win the higher amount.

This is a nice addition to a winning spin and again, it links in perfectly with the TV show.

What doesn’t?

Mystery Briefcase volatility

This does seem to be a hit and miss feature. You tend to either hit the Game Over selection very early on in proceedings, or pick the Win All suitcase Deal or No Deal 12and win the lot, with little in between.

It can be frustrating to hit this feature repeatedly and come away with wins of no more than one or two times your stake.


The base game for Deal or No Deal is rather unremarkable with generic slot symbols on the reels and the playing card symbols acting as the highs.

It lacks the visual impact of other slots, although the game does get far more visually appealing once the bonus games kick in.

Low progressive amount

Progressive jackpots are always popular but a progressive win of just a few thousand isn’t likely to attract some of the bigger jackpot hunters. That’s a shame, as it is still a decent prize to win. The game deserves to be enjoyed by as many slot fans at NJ online gambling sites as possible.

Graphics and soundtrack 3/5

The base game itself is very basic indeed, but things do kick up a notch when you get into the bonus games and features, which lifts the score here just above the average. Sounds are sparsely used, but used inventively and accompany the game well.

Originality and creativity 4/5

The inclusion of your own mini Deal or No Deal game, alongside all the bonus features of the slot, see it score good marks here. A lack of free spins does disappoint, but the features of the game and the fact it closely follows the game show do it credit here.

Play value 4.5/5

Deal or No Deal isn’t a slot that is going to leave you penniless after just a few spins. Regular smaller wins are topped up by occasional bigger wins in the base game and bigger wins in the bonus rounds.

Jackpot potential 2/5

DEal or No deal 3Any progressive game should always offer a solid jackpot and while nobody would turn down a progressive prize of a few thousand, it isn’t a progressive prize in the league of some other games.

Repeat play 4.5/5

I don’t see any reason why slot fans or fans of the show would not give the Deal or No Deal slot another chance after an initial play. Regular wins, solid bonus features and the chance of a progressive jackpot, even a small one, make this a game you will play time and time again.

Total score 18/25

The Deal or No Deal slot is a delightful slot that follows the TV show that inspired it extremely closely. The base game is unremarkable, but things heat up considerably once you start triggering bonus features.

It is these aspects that will have slot fans queuing up to see if they can beat the banker and land a big progressive jackpot.

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