Double Diamond Slots

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Double Diamond Slots
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Slot players are a diverse bunch of people.

For every player who loves all the additional bonus features, free spin games, multipliers, and other add-ons of many modern day slot, there is an equal number of players who hanker for something a little simpler.

It is this latter group that’s likely to be enamored with the Double Diamond slot from IGT.

This NJ online slot is a faithful replica of a hugely popular game available at land-based casinos, so it will already have a firm following in the online world. Let’s take a look at how this retro-themed slot performs.

Overview: Double Diamond

IGT has faithfully recreated the three-reel, single payline slot in a digitized form. It features many of the retro symbols from slot games gone by, including 7s, bars, and cherries.

The Double Diamond is the wild symbol and also the highest paying symbol in the game.

Who will the Double Diamond slot appeal to?

Essentially, there are two broad categories of slot fans to whom this game will appeal.

The first is those fans who loved playing the Double Diamond slot in land-based casinos. As one of the most popular slots across Las Vegas, Double Diamond will already have an extensive following.

In addition, classic slot fans and retro gamers will enjoy the simplistic gameplay of the Double Diamond slot. This is definitely a slot with a vintage feel and offers punters a change of pace from the feature-packed, five-reel slots of the modern era.

Where to play the Double Diamond slot online in NJ

Not only is Double Diamonds a mainstay of the brick-and-mortar casino world, it is also widely available at legal online gambling sites in New Jersey.

Here’s a slew of places to find it:

Gameplay: Double Diamond

The Double Diamond slot is arguably one of the easiest slots to understand in terms of gameplay. It’s a three-reel game with a single payline and a jackpot payout of 1,000x your bet. You can wager from $0.40 up to $500 per spin.

New Jersey slots reviews online Double DiamondThe symbols on the reels are also retro-themed, with 7s and a number of different bar and cherry symbols. The key to the bigger wins is the Double Diamond wild symbol, which can replace any other symbol when landed on a payline.

A single Double Diamond wild completing a winning payline doubles your winnings.

Two of the wild symbols completing a payline sees you earn 4x the stated line win.

However, one thing to note is that not all spins will see a symbol land on the payline. It is possible to land any reel on either side of the middle payline, and when this happens you cannot win (unless you hit a cherry on a payline on one or more reels).

This is a more medium variance slot with smaller wins occurring relatively frequently, followed by a larger scale win less often. Keep in mind that good bankroll management is essential if you are to get the best out of this popular retro slot.

While playable for smaller stakes players, Double Diamond is definitely a game that is more exciting when you wager more. Higher rollers therefore should find the simple gameplay appealing, though it can be an expensive game if you don’t hit a decent win in a session.

Special features: Double Diamond

Double Diamond review slotsDouble Diamond wilds

The namesake symbols are wild, substituting for all other symbols across the single payline to create winning paylines.

Wild multipliers

Land one Double Diamond symbol on a winning payline and you will receive 2x the usual win, but land two and you will receive 4x the stated win.

One cherry symbol win

Unlike modern slots that require the player to hit at least two – and usually at least three – symbols on a payline to land a win, a single cherry on any reel of the payline will guarantee you a win here.

What works?


For a retro-themed slot based on a land-based casino game, Double Diamonds is a very clearcut representation of that original slot. The animations are smooth and slick and the game plays as faithfully as the original.

The single payline also makes it extremely easy for beginners to get the basics of the game.

Single payline wins

With just one payline there’s no need to mess around with coins, levels, or the number of lines in operation. You simply pick your choice of wager and spin the reels. If you win on that single payline, you win.

This makes it easy to budget and easy to see when you hit a winning line.

Nostalgia factor

It may not have the bangs and whistles that you would associate with a top modern slot, but there are many slot fans who will love the simplicity. It transports you back to a time when slot games were evolving and gaining in popularity across casinos.

Retro gaming fans will find lots to enjoy on Double Diamond.

What doesn’t?

No free spins

It may be a tad unfair to mention this given that the game is a remake, but any online-based slot that doesn’t offer free spins as a bonus (or at least something similar) is going to struggle with the modern online slot gamer.

Faithful to original, but lacking in an online environment

While we commend IGT for keeping Double Diamonds true to the original, when you compare this slot to other online games, it offers significantly less content. It is hard to see how this slot would compare favorably against many modern slots with considerably more features.

Relatively small top win

Land three of the Double Diamond wild symbols across the single payline and you win 1,000x your wager. This is a relatively small top prize (although generous for a retro three-reel slot) compared to other slots you can play for roughly the same price per spin.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack 5/5

Full marks to IGT for catching the sound and the look of the Double Diamond offline slot for its online version.

Sure, the “music” sounds like someone having a fit while playing a stylophone and the graphics are basic, but that is precisely what the original sounded and looked like.

Originality and creativity 2/5

There’s nothing too original here, although the cherry paying out on any reel is a novel way to get some small value wins into the game. Being a copy, it is never going to score too highly in originality.

Play value 5/5

Double Diamond may be a retro slot, but it is actually rather middle-of-the-road when it comes to variance. This isn’t a slot game that pays out lots of small wins.

You do hit the occasional cherry, but you tend to land bigger wins less frequently. Good bankroll management is essential.

Jackpot potential 2/5

online slot reviews NJ Double DiamondWith a jackpot of 1,000x your stake for three Double Diamond wilds across the payline, it isn’t the biggest jackpot available. But if you play for the higher stakes ($500 per spin) then this can translate into a huge amount.

It isn’t a great slot for smaller stakes players in terms of jackpot size.

Repeat play 3/5

There’s certainly more than enough to keep you coming back to the Double Diamond slot for a few spins.

It will appeal to vintage gamers initially, and it’s a solid representation of a three-reel slot. The game functions very nicely on both during mobile NJ casino play and desktop play.

Total score 17/25

Double Diamond is never going to score massively highly, as it simply lacks the features of the leading modern slots. But as a recreation of a popular real world game, it does the job well.

For three-reel slot fans and retro gamers, there’s plenty to enjoy, although perhaps, it is more likely to be enjoyed by higher stakes players.

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