Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slots

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Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slots
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Play Free NetEnt Slots in NJ

If you are a fan of films like The Fast and the Furious series, or computer games like Drive, then you will certainly enjoy the exciting Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot from NetEnt.

Let’s get behind the wheel and take it for a test drive, shall we?

Overview: Drive Multiplier Mayhem

Drive Multiplayer MayhemIt’s rather surprising that motor cars are not the subject of slots more often given their popularity.

While the Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot is not based on any specific game, film, or TV show, it has clearly been inspired by the popular, cross-media racing genre.

NetEnt has produced a slick and stylish 5×3 reel slot which offers 15 paylines in operation on every spin and the ability to play from $0.15 per spin, up to a massive $75 per spin (150 coins).

Depending on the coin value and level selected, that makes it affordable to all. You can win up to 1,200 times your stake in the base game, but that increases massively to 5109x your stake during free spins.

Who will the Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot appeal to?

It would be surprising if the Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot didn’t have broad appeal. It looks very modern and elegant and comes with a digitized soundtrack and sound effects, so it scores well in terms of aesthetics.

And with you being able to play for just a few cents, up to $75, it will appeal to players of all bankroll sizes.

However, there’s more to the slot than simply stylish presentation. There are a number of exciting features, specifically how the free spins round plays out, and the use of wilds in the game, which will be relatively new to most New Jersey online slots fans.

Drive MultipliDrive Multiplayer Mayhem2er Mayhem will appeal to almost every slot fan due to its varying spin price and the number of features packed into the game, all put together in one niftily presented package that has plenty of horsepower.

Where to play Drive Multiplier Mayhem in New Jersey

Drive Multiplier Mayhem can be found at the following New Jersey online gambling sites:

Gameplay: Drive Multiplier Mayhem

The base game is beautifully presented with a gently scrolling city backdrop behind the reels and a space-age, modern look for the symbols. There are the usual playing card low symbols (10 through to ace) on the reels and a smattering of characters, plus the car as high symbols on the reel. All of these are beautifully realized.

The game itself is pretty standard for a typical 5×3 reel, 15 payline slot, only with a couple of key differences.

First — the in-game wilds. These come in a variety of types, a standard wild, which simply replaces any high or low symbol to create a winning payline, or a multiplier wild, which can offer 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x the payline win when used within it.

However, that is not all — land two multiplier wilds together in the base game and you get both their benefits, so land a 2x and a 4x multiplier wild on a payline, then you will receive 8x your payout.

The other symbol to watch out for in the base game is the scatter symbol, which, when landed across reels two, three and four, triggers the free spins round. This free spins round, as we shall discover, has a slight twist to it which adds a little extra depth to the Drive Multiplayer Mayhem gameplay.

This isn’t a slot that offers smaller payouts too often. It is definitely a medium to higher variance game, but the good news is, as the screenshots show, there is always the chance of landing a fantastic payout if you hit the right combo at the right time, especially during free spins.

Special features

Drive Multiplayer Mayhem4

Multiplier wilds

These can increase your payline win markedly if you land several of these wilds across the reels in both the base game and free spins.

Free spins round

Initially you get 10 free spins, but the aim of free spins is not just to win cash.

In the slot you are also racing against another driver and to beat them you need the Nitro symbols to appear on the reels. Collect enough of these in your free spins, and you beat that driver and move onto the next and earn yourself additional free spins, plus Overlay Multiplier wilds of increasing value as you take on more opponents.

What works?

Multiplier wilds

This is a great addition to the game. The fact that the wilds pay multipliers of up to 5x individually is great, but the fact that they can be combined to give up to 20x a single payline win is truly innovative. When triggered, it offers superb base game and free spins wins.

Free spins race feature

The free spins section would be somewhat bland without the race feature, which does lift it somewhat. Beat more opponents to keep earning free spins and see if you can become the next champion by collecting the Nitro symbols.

Price range

Anybody can afford to play the slot from just $0.15 per spin up to $75 per spin.Drive Multiplayer Mayhem3

What doesn’t?


The music is fine at first, but unfortunately it simply loops the same refrain over and over. And then, there is no option to turn it off.

Then three days later you find yourself irritatedly humming the tune at work and not knowing why.

Higher variance

This is not really a criticism, but if you like regular smaller wins then Drive Multiplier Mayhem is not the slot for you. But if you like the chance of bigger wins, then this is a great slot to try.


Although there are characters within the slot, because they are generic and not based on anything, you don’t feel any attachment to them and they quickly meld into simply symbols, rather than engaging you more in the slot.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack 3.5/5

The graphics are very nice but a little bit same old, same old at times. The soundtrack is great at first but with it continually looping, you’ll soon be Drive Multiplayer Mayhem5reaching for the volume down switch.

Originality and creativity 4.5/5

The slot looks great, but it is the features that really give it some originality, especially the multiplier wilds of varying sizes and the race feature in the free spins round.

Play value 2.5/5

This isn’t a cheap slot to play for someone with a small bankroll as it is higher variance.

But to be fair, when we tried it out we managed to hit some bigger wins from relatively short (and cheap) sessions. So it’s not cheap, but it is rewarding at times.

Jackpot potential 3.5/5

The jackpot in this game of 5109x your stake in the base game isn’t huge but is still a good amount to win and certainly appealing.

Repeat play 3/5

This is definitely a slot you will come back to play, especially for a smaller amount with a larger bankroll, so you can enjoy a longer session and give yourself more of a chance of winning one of the bigger jackpots.

Total score 17.5/25

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a very good slot indeed. It’s fun to play, rewarding, and affordable, with some innovative features to keep you playing. It isn’t perfect, but it is better than most other slots out there.

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