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Frozen Inferno Slots
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[toc]Fire and Ice, or their equivalent, have proven to be a fecund subject upon which to base many popular entertainments. The hugely popular Game of Thrones is based on the whole notion of fire (symbolized by Danaerys’ Dragons) and Ice (symbolized by the ever present threat of winter coming). Now there is a fantastic slot from WMS which takes a similar approach. It’s called Frozen Inferno.

I’m not normally a fan of paradoxical titles, as often they don’t really fit so well together when you view the actual game itself, but what you have here is one slot that you can actually play two ways. At the start of the game you can elect to play as either the Fire Mage or Ice Wizard. Which character you select will determine the game you play. The games themselves are almost identical in terms of structure and prizes, simply that the symbols, backdrop and features are slightly different depending on who you choose to play as.

Personally, I found the Ice Wizard the better of the two options and it’s this that I am basing the review mainly on.

Overview: Frozen Inferno

Once you have selected the character you wish to play as on the slot, you’re taken to the respective reels to play. Although the games look different to each other in terms of symbols and backdrop, the actual mechanics of the game are almost identical. However unlike slots like Lost Vegas, you cannot switch between the two modes once you’ve made your initial selection. Unless you trigger the free spins bonus, in which case the game changes automatically.

The slot is a 5×4 reel game. The first thing that will strike you is how visually stunning it is. The backdrops, regardless of which magical character you select, are incredible. There are deep red thundering volcanoes spewing lava on the Inferno and a glacial snowy backdrop complete with falling snow on the Frozen. The slot comes with 40 non-selectable paylines. You can wager from $0.01 up to $5 per payline giving a minimum bet of $0.40 and a maximum bet of $200.

Who will the Frozen Inferno slot appeal to?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Frozen Inferno slot has been designed to capture the swell in interest in the fantasy genre led by films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and shows like Game of Thrones. Therefore if you enjoy TV shows and films like this, then this is a slot that will have great appeal.

This is also a slot with really slick presentation and beautifully captured graphics. They really look the part for each of the two versions of the game you can play. The ability to select a different wizard each time you play gives the game extra life and will appeal to players who like slot games with plenty of options.

Gameplay: Frozen Inferno

Once you have selected your Wizard and the gameplay starts, you ‘ll be blown away with how the slot looks. Either option looks fantastic with the fiery oranges and red of the Inferno, or the cool blues and whites of the Frozen. Visually the slot looks outstanding. It is further improved by some clever use of sounds in keeping with the setting and style. These really add to the atmosphere.

The other thing you’ll notice on the reel is that you begin the slot with a bonus already in place. In the Inferno game, this is a Roving Wild symbol that randomly moves around the reels. On the Frozen game, it’s a Wild that is frozen in place on the middle reel. This Wild remains on the reels for all of your spins.

The reels are adorned with a host of different trinkets and jewels, all of which don’t look out of place in a fantasy slot. The symbols are similar for both versions of the game, with the main difference being the colors of the symbols rather than what they actually are. Wins are based on the size of your coin bet. The top prize is around 250 times your standard line bet, achieved if you land five of the Wild symbols, from either game, across the reels.

Additional features

As you spin you’ll notice that there are a number of other features in the game to look out for. The first of these is the Ice or Fire symbol. If landed on the reels this will turn into either a Frozen Wild or Roving Wild and remain on the reels. You can collect up to four of these Wilds on the reels at any one time. They can actually lead to some decent sized spins. When you collect four, you’ll then quickly trigger the Free Spins bonus.

The Free Spins bonus offers some of the biggest wins in the game. There is an unlimited number of free spins granted because the game guarantees you at least five wins in the free spins round. Furthermore, you’ll see plenty of Wild symbols adorning the reels and you can land up to eight on screen at once. The more Wilds you land, the greater your chances of one of your five guaranteed wins from your free spins being a very decent win indeed.

Once you’ve completed your Free Spins bonus, you’ll then notice that the slot reverts back to the base game. But this time you’ll play the other game. So if you triggered your free spins playing the Frozen version of the slot, you’ll restart the base game playing the Inferno version. It’s a nice touch and means that players get to experience both games.

Special Features: Frozen Inferno

Two different game modes

You can elect to play Frozen Inferno in one of two game modes initially. The game modes will then switch every time you play through a free spins bonus. This gives you a great opportunity to play through both modes even if you select the same mode to start the game with.

Permanent Wilds

The fact that you are guaranteed at least one Wild on the reels on every spin, and can collect more permanent wilds as the game progresses, is a fantastic feature. It can result in some very handy base game wins. In truth, you’ll need this as the game is a very volatile slot at times.

Five wins guaranteed in free spins

There’s nothing worse for a slot player than to spend an age triggering a free spins bonus round, only to then play through and win a very small amount on your spins. With the Frozen Inferno, you’re guaranteed to win at least five times in the bonus round. You will receive unlimited free spins to ensure that you do.

What works?


The presentation on the Frozen Inferno slot is outstanding. The sound is understated but very effective and creates the perfect atmosphere. The graphics on the reels and in the background of the slot are striking and beautifully rendered. This is a slot that does immerse you in its world very nicely indeed.

Use of Wilds

All the key features of Frozen Inferno come from how the Wilds are used, collected and distributed across the reels. When you consider on most slots Wild simply are used as substitutes, or a high paying symbol, the way the Wild symbols are used so imaginatively here in both versions of the game is excellent.

Free Spins bonus

Unlimited free spins sounds great but it is only unlimited until you land five wins. But, during those free spins, you can collect more Wilds to increase the value of potential wins. The more Wilds you collect, the bigger your free spins wins can be. I found some of those wins to be huge.

What doesn’t?

Not able to switch freely between modes

Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by slots such as Lost Vegas or Fruit Vs Candy, but I found it a little frustrating at times that I could not switch between both game modes freely but had to wait until I’d finished a Free Spins round before the game switched modes.

Pay table and coin meters hidden

On most slots it is relatively easy to locate the coin selection and paytable information, but on the Frozen Inferno slot they are hidden away behind a button the left and they are not labelled particularly intuitively. Not ideal especially if you are relatively new to slots and need to get to know the game better before you play.

Base game can be expensive

On a 5×4 slot that is mid to high volatility, 40 paylines isn’t much and that is soon apparent as the base game can eat your cash extremely quickly if you are not careful. Good bankroll management is essential in order to get the best from this slot.

The Scores

[wp-review id=”11570″]

Graphics & soundtrack 5/5

The presentation on Frozen Inferno is absolutely top notch. It goes to show you don’t need huge cartoon-style introductions and hundreds of animations to produce a slot that looks so effective in either game mode. The graphics are simple, yet hugely effective and create the perfect ambiance for the game.

Originality & creativity 4/5

Although this is a pretty generic 5×4 slot in many respects the creative way you can use the Wilds in the game in so many ways does really give the game plenty of originality and add to this unlimited free spins with five guaranteed wins and of course two game modes, there’s tonnes of originality here.

Play value 2/5

Play value is always never going to score well on a higher variance slot and while it can be an expensive play on the Frozen Inferno slot, you do feel like you are getting your money’s worth and of course, there is the added bonus that you can always land some massive wins, or the large 250,000 coin jackpot.

Jackpot potential 4/5

A 250,000 coin jackpot is a very tempting thing, even when played at smaller coin levels. Add to this the potential to land some very decent sized wins in the free spins bonus round and you have a slot which has enough of a wow-factor to attract players who prefer bigger jackpot games.

Repeat play 4/5

With two game modes, you’ll want to give both of them a real test before you give up on this slot and then with the free spins mode and the novel way Wilds are used, plus a massive jackpot to chase, this is certainly one slot you will want to play time and time again.

Total score: 19/25

Frozen Inferno manages to combine both elements into a hugely entertaining, impactful and enjoyable slot that offers a chance at a very large jackpot, while still giving players full enjoyment in the base game and particularly during free spins. This is a slot that will appeal to players long after their first session at the reels.

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