Nemo’s Voyage Slots

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Nemo’s Voyage Slots
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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

Captain Nemo was one of Jules Verne’s most famous characters. He appeared in arguably the author’s most popular work, 20,000 League’s Under the Sea. It may have taken him over a century to make the journey from a novel to the realm of online slots, but the Nemo’s Voyage slot from WMS certainly puts a whole new slant on the Captain Nemo legend.

Nemo’s Voyage transports you onto the Captain’s famous submarine vessel, the Nautilus. As it descends deeper into the ocean, it unlocks a number of features as it goes. You’ll need to watch out though, as if the pressure grows too great, you’ll be forced to resurface and begin the journey again. Let’s take a look at how WMS has brilliantly linked this simple adventure quest into a workable and enjoyable slot game.

Overview: Nemo’s Voyage

Nemo’s Voyage is a 5×4 reel, 40-payline slot that was the first to use a Phantom EFX Engine. This is normally reserved for WMS social games found on Facebook and the like. The social element can be clearly seen in the fact that on this slot, the more you play, the more you can trigger additional bonuses with every spin that passes, thanks to the Wild Depths Feature.

It’s good to see that WMS has done away with the usual playing card lows for this slot. All the lower value symbols are related to seafaring or sea creatures. There are six of these symbols in total, plus three higher paying symbols on the reels. They are Captain Nemo himself, plus two stacked symbols which are four symbols high. These include a deep sea diver and a massive sea monster wrestling a submarine.

Who will Nemo’s Voyage slot appeal to?

Without doubt, if you’ve played any social games on Facebook, be that slot games, or quest-type games, then the Nemo’s Voyage slot will certainly appeal. It combines the key elements of a slot with a quest element. This gives the slot added depth and will certainly hold your attention, especially as you trigger increasingly valuable Wild symbols on the slot as you work your way through the quest.

This is also a very original game. Although the jackpot isn’t too great, there are enough unusual and enjoyable features to make this a slot that will appeal to the slot gamer who wants something more than the usual 5×3 slot with free spins and Wilds.

Gameplay: Nemo’s Voyage

The number of paylines on the slot isn’t selectable. You will always play 40 on each spin. Bet Lines start at $0.01 and increase up to $5.00 per line. This means you can wager from $0.40 up to $200 on every spin, depending on your bankroll.

At first glance, the base game itself appears to be a pretty standard 5×4 slot. But there is a twist that comes in the form of the Wild Depths feature. This is an unusual feature in the slot industry, as it is not primarily controlled by the result of a spin but simply by the number of spins that you play in a session at the stated price.

One key thing with the Nemo’s Voyage slot is to ensure you stick to your wager once you start playing. If you opt to change the size of your bet, you’ll reset the Wild Depths Feature bonus back to its starting position and lose any progress you have made.

Once the reels start spinning, you’ll find Nemo’s Voyage is definitely a lower volatility slot. You do tend to win smaller amounts relatively frequently. These wins are interspersed with bigger wins on occasion, which help keep the bank balance topped up.


However, the feature to watch here is the Wild Depths feature. With every spin, the submarine descends into the depths. At certain stages, that will trigger additional Wild bonuses starting with Multiplier Wilds. These offer a multiplier on any win they complete.

This is followed by Pressurized Wilds which can expand downwards on the reels to complete paylines. Clumped Wilds are next up, which sees Wilds stacked on the reels. Finally, you get to Wild Reels, which is where entire reels can turn Wild for a spin.

Additional features

As your submarine descends however, you will also find you land the Increase Pressure symbol on the fifth reel. When you do, this pressure bar above the feature increases. Over time this will creep up to the danger zone where just one more Increase Pressure symbol landed will force the submarine to surface.

When this happens you can spin more quickly to trigger the bonuses while they last as the submarine icon on the depth meter rises back to the top.

In addition to these variety of Wild features, there is another bonus feature, this is the Free Spins bonus and it is triggered by landing three of the Bonus symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels on a single spin.  During free spins the Giant Squid will appear and rip off a number of symbol positions on the reels, turning them into Persistent Wilds which will remain in place for the remainder of the free spins bonus.

Special features: Nemo’s Voyage

Wild Depths Feature

Every spin sees your submarine Nautilus descend into the depths. A various depths you’ll trigger Wild features like Multiplier Wilds, Pressurized Wilds, Clumped Wilds, and Wild Reels. Be wary though, if the pressure gauge climbs too high, your submarine will have to resurface and the bonus will be reset.

Free Spins Bonus

Land the Bonus symbol on the first, third, and fifth reels and trigger the Free Spins bonus round. Here you receive 8 free spins and the Persisting Wild feature, where a Giant Squid will rip off symbols from the reels and turn those positions Wild for the duration of the bonus spins.

Stacked high-paying symbols

The two biggest paying symbols in the base game, the deep sea diver and the Giant Squid, are both stacked four symbols high across the reels. As such, it’s possible to trigger several winning paylines when you land several of these symbols on the first three reels.

What works?

Wild Depths Feature

This is a rare slot feature. It works off the number of spins made in a session, rather than being triggered by reel symbols. That means you know you can trigger the symbol in most cases by simply spinning the reels. This is more appealing as players can see they are close to triggering bonus features, which keeps them playing.

Regular mixed wins

There’s a good mix of wins in the base game and free spins round. Most wins are generally small, and perhaps a tad too small. But they are topped up at times by the bigger wins, especially in the base game where hitting five of a kind to help top up your balance does occur with some frequency.

Great presentation

WMS has done a fantastic job with the presentation of this slot. The graphics and backdrop are absolutely spot on. Both reel sets (different reels are used during Free Spins) are beautifully designed and the steampunk feel of the submarine interior really brings the game to life.

What doesn’t?

Most wins are small

There’s no doubting that you win relatively frequently in the Nemo’s Voyage slot. However, the majority of these wins, especially those of 4 symbols in a row or less, tend to be very small. They often don’t cover the size of your initial bet.

Free Spins variable

It can be difficult to trigger the Free Spins bonus game. When you do the rewards from that game can be very variable. Sometimes you can hit a great bonus and earn a big reward, but equally as often, the spins will play out and you’ll be left with a somewhat disappointing return on the feature.

Not the largest jackpot available

Playing at the maximum bet level, the jackpot you can win in the base game on a single line is 1,500 coins. This just isn’t a huge amount of money when you consider what you could be betting per spin. Although you can win amounts on multiple paylines on each spin.

The scores

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Graphics & soundtrack 4/5

The presentation of the Nemo’s Voyage slot is very good indeed. There are some lovely graphics, crisp animations and a nice underwater backdrop to the reels, complete with fish swimming past the screen. The slot has been very well presented and clever use of sound also enhances the game.

Originality & creativity 4/5

The Wild Depths feature is a really brilliant way to incorporate Wild bonuses into the game. That, along with the Pressure Gauge feature, really keeps the interest high in the base game. Add to that innovative use of Wilds and free spins round and there’s lots of original ideas here.

Play value 4/5

I think that Nemo’s Voyage overall offers decent play value for the longer term player. Over a shorter period, variance is greater, but those low value wins are usually topped up with a bigger win at some point. Over time my bankroll didn’t take too great a hit playing the slot.

Jackpot potential 3/5

The maximum wins on Nemo’s Voyage when when you hit the jackpot are not that huge. They can be increased thanks to the ability to trigger them on multiple winning paylines, hence the better mark than you would receive for just a single payline win.

Repeat play 4/5

I think the Nemo’s Voyage slot is certainly a game players will come back to for more spins time and time again. I also feel it has excellent crossover appeal to players who enjoy social games but who may want to try their hand at a real cash slot game.

Total score: 19/25

Nemo’s Voyage ticks all the boxes to be a very good slot. It has some innovative features beautifully presented, a good mix of wins and a free spins bonus which can offer some big wins. The jackpot’s aren’t huge but the appeal of the slot means that this will definitely be on my play list for some time to come.

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