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In a world of energy and tech millionaires, the Nouveau Riche remain very much a part of modern society, although whether they lack the refined taste of the old money establishment is open to debate.

So what does the Nouveau Riche slot from IGT deliver? Well oddly enough, there’s not a great deal to link the game with the newly wealthy.

There are three muses on the reels, a selection of precious gems and a Nouveau Riche high symbol, but there’s none of the gaudy trappings of success you’d associate with the freshly filthy rich.

However, does this matter if the slot plays very well? Let’s take a look and find out.

Overview: Nouveau Riche

We’ve already established that the title of the slot doesn’t bear a huge resemblance to what you’ll actually find on the reels.

The three muses of Ancient Greek mythology are about as far removed from the true Nouveau Riche as you can get. But we’ll forget about that if this 5×3 reel slot, with a cascading symbols feature (it’s called Freefall symbols in the game), rather than reels, delivers the goods.

There are 20 non-selectable paylines available to play and you can wager from $1 up to $50 per payline.

There’s also the usual disappearing symbols that comes with cascading reels. This means that a single winning payline can trigger subsequent wins when the new symbols drop into place.

Who will the Nouveau Riche slot appeal to?

In truth, if you are generally a fan of slot games then you’ll find plenty to enjoy with the Nouveau Riche slot.

With cascading reels instead of spinning reels, it is still essentially a 5×3 slot with wilds and a very generous free spins round that is the key to unlocking some of the bigger wins in the game.

With this medium variance New Jersey online slot, you are going to need those bigger wins to keep your balance topped up.

Gameplay: Nouveau Riche

The gameplay for the Nouveau Riche slot is very simple to follow.

The symbols cascade down from the top and fall into place on the five reels and when a winning payline is created, these symbols flash and disappear. Then, any symbols on the reels above drop down with new symbols falling in to replace the winning symbols from the last spin.

Nouveau Riche 2Of course, in this way you can earn multiple wins from a single spin and while it doesn’t happen often, you can rack up some nice additional wins from this feature.

In terms of presentation, it is fair to say that the Nouveau Riche slot looks a little dated. The graphics, while bright and colorful, are somewhat basic, as are the sound effects.

That said, the little cut scenes when you trigger free spins and have to select which of the three muses to pick for your bonus are well-done.

The symbols on the reels are combination of different colored gems (the same colors attributed to the three muses) and these act as the in-game low symbols. The pictures of the three muses are the higher value symbols, although the highest value symbol is the Nouveau Riche symbol, which offers by far the biggest payouts (5,000 coins for five on a payline) in the base game.

There are two other symbols you need to be aware of. The wild symbol is stacked throughout the game and can substitute for high and low symbols, plus the Nouveau Riche symbol to create winning paylines.

The final symbol is the bonus symbol, which when landed three or more times on a single spin starts the free spins bonus round. This is where the bigger money in Nouveau Riche can be won.

The first thing to do is select which of the three muses you want for your free spins. Each hides a number of free spins. Once you have chosen, the spins begin and this time, on the third reel is a +1 symbol. This symbol, when landed, hands you an additional free spin every time.

During free spins, the wild symbols are stacked on the reels and they can be used well in this round to create some of the bigger wins available in the game. Indeed, although most free spins wins tend to be small, the occasional win is considerably larger, and these wins are what will attract the players to the slot.

Where to play Nouveau Riche in NJ

Nouveau Riche 3Nouveau Riche is available at a number of New Jersey online casinos, including:

Special features: Nouveau Riche

Freefall symbols

The Freefall symbols feature does away with standard reels. Instead, symbols fall from the top of the screen to fill the 5×3 matrix.

Winning paylines will also disappear, causing symbols above to drop down and new symbols to fill the spaces, creating the chance of multiple winning paylines from an initial single win spin.

Stacked wilds

In both the base game and during free spins, all wilds are stacked on the reels and when landed, especially when there is more than one set of wilds, they can trigger larger base game wins.

Free spins bonus

Land three or more of the bonus symbols on the reels at any time during the base game and in any position and you will trigger the free spins bonus round.

Pick from the three muses to activate a number of spins. With wilds stacked and the chance to earn additional spins, if you land the +1 symbol on the reels at any point, this is a bonus round which can offer the biggest wins available in the game.

What works?

Free spins wins

The biggest plus of this slot is the fact that occasionally during free spins you can hit a significant win. It’s perhaps not enough to call you one of the Nouveau Riche elite,Nouveau Riche 4 but certainly enough to cover your session with plenty to spare.

Additional wins using Freefall symbols

One of the best things about Freefall symbols is that you can trigger multiple wins from a single spin. While this doesn’t trigger free spins as on some other slots, it does mean an initially small win can grow into something much bigger.

Good size base game jackpot

The five Nouveau Riche symbols across the reel offer a whopping 5,000-coin payout if landed during the base game, which is a bigger jackpot that you can find in the free spins round of some online casino games in NJ. 

What doesn’t?

Free spins wins variance

If you like a game that rewards you relatively frequently with smaller wins then this isn’t the slot for you. You’ll tend to lose money before hitting a bigger win which can, sometimes, repay you what you have lost, plus more.

Base game can be expensive

As well as a high initial stake level, the base game does tend to run cold at times. It can be many spins before you hit a win, let alone a win of any size. That means good bankroll management is paramount. And likely not the best choice to use after you access your NJ online casino bonus codes.

Not suited to lower stakes player

With stakes starting at $1 for the Nouveau Riche slot, lower-stakes players won’t find too much to enjoy here. However, other versions of the game at different casinos may offer a lower starting stake.

The scores

[wp-review id=”6170″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 1.5/5

The graphics are clear but basic and this can also be said for the sound, too. The cut-away shots in between the base game and Nouveau Riche 5free spins round do lift the game a little.

Originality and creativity: 2/5

Freefall symbols are great as they can trigger additional wins from a single spin, but the rest of the slot is disappointingly generic with little to separate it from many others.

Play value: 2.5/5

A relatively expensive slot to play, the only thing that pushes this up to half marks is the bigger wins you can hit, especially during free spins.

Jackpot potential: 3.5/5

There’s a good-sized base game jackpot of 5,000 coins plus the chance to win more during free spins. Played at a price of $1 per spin as a minimum this means a very nice jackpot can be won.

Repeat play: 2/5

If you enjoy higher stakes, higher variance games, Nouveau Riche will certainly have you loading up the game again in search of that jackpot. Other slot fans will find less to enjoy.

Total score: 11.5/25

Nouveau Riche is an OK slot. Its high initial stake levels will put off lower stakes players, as will its medium variance. But the potential for big wins in the base game and during free spins means that it will have its devotees.

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