Queen Of The Nile Slot: Cleopatra Tries On A Retro Look

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Cleopatra seems to be one of the most common characters when it comes to slot games, with a new release coming out last week called Cleopatra PLUS adding to an already diverse range of games based on the last Queen of the Ptolemaic era in ancient Egypt. This time around though, Queen of the Nile is a slightly older slot from Aristocrat Online that takes a more retro approach on the theme.

The question is whether there is space for another Cleopatra slot, especially when there are a number of newer and more involved games available to play at the moment, some at the very same casinos that offer this slot to play. Or does this retro-themed slot still have plenty to offer even the modern slot gamer? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Overview: Queen of the Nile

The theme for this slot is simply Cleopatra, and the approach to this is very generalized with everything to do with the famous queen, Egypt and the River Nile itself. These elements are all combined into a slot that offers a total of 20 selectable paylines on a 5×3 reel layout.  You can play 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 paylines per spin, with a minimum coin size of $0.02. This equates to a low bet of just $0.02, or you can ramp up the value of the bet to $2.50 per payline, for a maximum bet of $50.00 per spin.

The backdrop to the reels is slightly disappointing. I’d like to have seen an Egyptian vista, perhaps the Pyramids or Sphinx set against the mighty Nile River under a golden sunset. Instead what you have are some plain brown papyrus or stones with hieroglyphics on them. In truth, it’s rather uninspiring, and the same can be said for the rather out of place, drum- and suspense-filled soundtrack.

Who will the Queen of the Nile slot appeal to?

Maximum paylines is the way to play this slot for the most enjoyment, and this is definitely a game which will appeal more to the mid to lower stakes player, rather than the higher roller. Also given how the game is styled, this is also a slot that will definitely appeal to a retro player, as the way the game awards wins and the sound effects definitely put it in the retro category.

This is also a decent slot for a beginner, as it is affordable to play, even with the maximum number of paylines. It’s such a simple and easy-to-follow game, especially if you are coming to the slot from the era when Nudges where the height of technical achievement. However, it doesn’t really have enough depth or bigger money stakes to attract higher stakes or more experienced slot gamers.

Gameplay: Queen of the Nile

Start the game by selecting the number of paylines (we’d recommend playing all 20) and then adjust the bet size to your comfort level. You can then use the Play button to get the reels spinning or the Auto Spin feature to set up a user-determined number of spins at that stake amount.

The reels are adorned with the usual playing card low symbols ranging from 9 through ace. Alongside these rather plain and run-of-the-mill symbols are a selection of higher value symbols, including the Eye of Horus, a Gold Bangle, a Scarab Beetle, a Flower symbol and King Tutankhamun’s Mask. These offer higher value wins up to 750 coins in the base game, with the lower value symbols offering wins of up to 125 coins.

Additional features

There is a simple way you can increase the value of any win on the Queen of the Nile slot and that is by using one of the Cleopatra Wild symbols to help create a winning payline. When you use one of these symbols, you immediately double the value of the win which is one of the easiest ways to achieve bigger wins in the base game.

In addition, if you can land more than one Cleopatra Wild across the reels from left to right then you trigger the highest base game payouts with 2,000 coins for four Wilds on a payline and the jackpot of 9,000 coins if you manage to land all five on a single payline.

The only other feature on the slot is the Pyramid Scatter symbol which awards a payout if you land more than 2 across the reels in any position. You can win from 2 coins up to 400 coins simply by landing between 2 and 5 scatters across the reels.

However, the scatter symbol also serves as the access point for the Free Spins bonus round. Land three or more scatters and, in addition to the payout, you trigger 15 free spins. During the free spins all wins are subject to a 3x multiplier. Obviously, as a result of this it is during the free spins round that most of the biggest wins on the Queen of the Nile slot are found.

You can retrigger the Free Spins bonus from within the round to earn additional free spins.

Special features: Queen of the Nile

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol serves a number of uses. It can substitute for symbols to create a winning payline and when it does it adds a 2x multiplier to the standard win. You can also win the base game jackpot of 9,000 coins by landing five Wilds across a single payline.

Free Spins bonus 

Hit three or more of the Pyramid Scatter symbols across the reels on a spin and you trigger a cash prize and 15 free spins. These come with a 3x multiplier and also the ability to retrigger the bonus again from within the free spins themselves.

Retro styling

This is a very retro-styled slot, not just in terms of how the game looks, but also how it plays, how it pays out and how it sounds. If you like games that transport you back to the late 1980s and 1990s, then Queen of the Nile will tick the right boxes for you.

What works?

Simple gameplay

This is a slot that is starting to now show its age and lacks the features you’d find as standard on many modern slots. However, what that does mean is that it is hugely accessible, especially for novice slots gamers. Anybody can load up Queen of the Nile and have a few spins and understand exactly what is going on.

Non-Regular but bigger value wins

I like the way Queen of the Nile pays out. Usually modern slots have a proliferation of lower value wins that don’t even cover your wager. You can get that here too, but most wins are generally more than you stake, thanks to the multipliers used on the Wilds in particular, and you do feel you get decent value on the albeit rarer wins.

Multipliers in bonus features

The 2x multiplier for Wild wins and the 3x multiplier during free spins can really add some great value to wins and without them, this would be a much poorer and less appealing slot.

What doesn’t?

No depth

This is a very simple slot. The game does have the basics—a Wild symbol and free spins—but very little beyond that to get a player excited. If you are a slots fan who wants a bit more depth to your game, then this is not the Queen you need to be kneeling at the feet of.

Very basic presentation

I’ve mentioned that Queen of the Nile is showing its age so I’ll cut it a little slack here, but even when it was released this probably was a basic-looking slot and that is just exacerbated now when compared to many of the technological innovations you’ll find on other games. This looks and sound like it came from Ancient Egpyt in online slot terms.

Dull to play

As a result of a lack of depth and somewhat dull presentation, what you have in the end is a slot that is rather boring to play. Those better value wins do liven things up, but this is more a medium variance slot so they don’t come often enough to make it worth persevering with for play value alone.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 1/5

Very simplistic and easy to follow graphics, generic sound effects and a somewhat odd choice of music out of kilter with the actual game mean that this isn’t a high point when it comes to slot presentation.

Originality & creativity 1/5

This is the archetypal “minimum requirement” slot. It has a decent base game jackpot, a couple of multipliers on the key features, a Wild and free spins. That’s it. That’s the base entry level now for a modern slot and there’s so much more that you can do to make a game more entertaining that just isn’t available on Queen of the Nile.

Play value 3/5

I think this is where Queen of the Nile picks up some brownie points. I am not a fan of winning lots of times, but amounts smaller than your bet, and I think that feels a little deceitful. On this slot, wins tend to be at least the same as your wager if not a bit more so you are actually winning when you win, not just losing money less slowly.

Jackpot potential 3/5

There’s a very sizable 9,000 coin jackpot available in the base game and with the ability to win 3x that during the Free Spins round, that is a sizable amount you can win, especially if you are playing for $2.50 per payline.

Repeat play 2/5

Once you get past the basic look and design of the game, you can actually enjoy a bit of time on this slot as the wins feel rewarding. It is this feature alone, along with the decent sized jackpot that may make you give it a few more spins, but for many players, this will be a slot to try for a few spins, then ignore.

Total score: 10/25

Queen of the Nile is starting to show her age now and there’s no amount of bathing in asses milk and hiding in carpets going to hide the fact. As a retro slot, it works well and you can forgive the poor graphics and lack of creativity in that respect but for a modern slot fan, there isn’t anything here to get too excited about.

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