Highest RTP Slots in New Jersey

The highest RTP slots are not always the games you might think, so understanding Return to Player is the first step to choosing what slot to play. Odds vary from title to title, with gaming companies and online casinos aiming to provide a range of slot odds.

Fortunately, the RTP is easy to find for NJ online slots. In this guide, you’ll learn what RTP is, how to find it, and why it’s important. We’ll even list specific online slot games with high RTP.

What is RTP in slots?

Return to Player percentage is the theoretical rate at which a New Jersey slot pays out winnings. A slot’s RTP can fall anywhere from 83% to 99%, but the percentage never reaches 100% because the house has to make money for “hosting” the game.

In theory, an RTP of 94% means the player can expect to receive $94 for every $100 they deposit into the online slot. However, winning is not guaranteed, so consumers should remind themselves that RTP is a measure of the theoretical winning percentage. Also, other factors can impact your potential winnings, such as how many paylines you play and your bet size. Money matters: you knew that, right?

In New Jersey, the RTP percentage is required to be at least 83% in theoretical payout according to Section 13:69E-1.28A (standards for the approval of a slot machine game) in the NJ Admin Code. This means the player could theoretically win $83 per $100 deposited. Of course, winnings are not guaranteed. That’s why it’s called gambling. For the record, 83% is a very low slot RTP.

Gaming companies must ensure that their slot odds are fair. According to the NJ code, “all winning combinations used in achieving the minimum theoretical RTP for each slot machine game shall be available on each play that requires a wager.”

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) regulates and enforces the RTP percentage for every slot machine and online slot game in the state.

What is a good slots RTP in New Jersey?

You should never settle for an RTP under 90% unless you have a good reason. Maybe you really enjoy a particular title, for example, but always consider the best RTP online slots first. You can find enjoyable slot games with RTP percentages above 90 percent that fit your needs and offer a decent chance of winning.

Slots volatility vs. slots RTP

While RTP percentage tells you how much you might win over time while playing a slot, volatility is a measure of how often a slot game triggers a win. Over time you will gain the experience to know which games pay out more often.

Slot volatility is not represented by a number, but rather on a scale.

  • Low Volatility: smaller, more frequent payouts
  • Low-Medium Volatility: pay out less than medium, but expect smaller wins
  • Medium Volatility: payout amounts and frequency are balanced, making this a fun and popular game for most players
  • Medium-High Volatility: large payouts and a higher frequency of wins than high volatility
  • High Volatility: higher, less frequent payouts

Often, high RTP slots are paired with low volatility. Conversely, low RTP can frequently correspond with high volatility. But that is not a rule, simply a trend.

Regardless of the volatility rating of your slot, remember that any online title could potentially produce a string of wins or losses. That’s because the winning is, by law, random.

Highest RTP slots in New Jersey

If you want to improve your chances of winning at a New Jersey online casino, it’s a good idea to know the slot’s RTP. Continue reading to discover some of the best RTP slots online in the state.

Top 10 slots with the highest RTP

Here are the  slots with the best RTP in New Jersey. You’ll find these titles at most online casinos in the state.

Slot TitleRTP%Type
Mega Joker99.00%Online and Retail Slot
Codex of Fortune98.00%Online and Retail Slot
Starmania97.87%Online and Retail Slot
White Rabbit Megaways97.72%Online and Retail Slot
Medusa Megaways97.63%Online and Retail Slot
Secrets of Atlantis97.07%Online and Retail Slot
Steam Tower97.04%Online and Retail Slot
Gorilla Go Wilder97.04%Online and Retail Slot
Halloween Fortune97.02%Online and Retail Slot
Wheel Rush97.00%Online and Retail Slot

You can check out the free online slots in NJ and test the RTP before signing up.

How to find a slot’s RTP

To locate the RTP percentage for an online slot, consult the game description in your online casino app or on the casino website. Legal online casinos are required to supply this information. If you haven’t signed up at the casino in question, you can simply use Google to find the RTP of popular slots.

Meanwhile, RTP for slots in retail casinos can be more challenging to find. Some casinos will make that information available on a gaming card at the help desk. Alternatively, you may need to consult the state regulatory agency’s gaming reports.

How does RTP affect your winnings on online slots?

Suppose you put on your best Jersey Shore sweatshirt and open your casino app. You choose to play an online slot with an RTP of 95%. Suppose you make a $300 deposit at an NJ online casino and play for as long as you can.

If you play the full $300 on that slot, you’ll theoretically get $285 back in winnings.

If you had played a slot machine in a NJ casino with an RTP of 90% instead, that $300 deposit would have been expected to return $270 in winnings. That’s a $15 difference over the long term because of each slot’s design.

Tips for choosing the best RTP slots online

Here are some basic rules of thumb for finding slots with the right RTP for you.

  • Play within your budget. Don’t select a $25 per spin slot if you plan to spend $100. You’ll likely have a short, unenjoyable night if you don’t manage your online casino bankroll.
  • Find a slot that jibes with your style of play. For example, if you would rather win more payouts but aren’t as concerned if they are big, pick a slot with low volatility.
  • Remember your budget. Never exceed your budget by selecting an expensive slot machine, and don’t play after you’ve reached your predetermined spending limit. Problem gambling lies that way.
  • Entertain yourself. Like goblins? Play a goblin-themed slot game. Enjoy many paylines and lots of wild cards? Select an online slot game that has those features. It’s important to balance the science of slots and online gaming (RTP percentage, etc.) with the fun factor.

Play slots responsibly

Let us emphasize for the final time that RTP is no guarantee of how any single slot session will go. Because RTP is a long-term average, your session could yield worse or better returns than the RTP would suggest. The short-term volatility of the game is an important factor. Never chase winnings by depositing more than your budget allows. That’s just one of the NJ responsible gambling tools available when playing slots.

Furthermore, remember to track how much you’re playing. Consider making some days off-limits, meaning you won’t log on on those days, so you don’t risk becoming dependent on playing. Never play when you’re exhausted or impaired, shut off your screens and limit stimulation, and remember, even if you play the best RTP slots, you are not guaranteed a win.

Online slot RTP FAQ

The New Jersey Division of Gaming is charged with regulating online casinos in New Jersey.

A casino slot return-to-player percentage indicates the theoretical rate at which it will return winnings. RTP applies to both digital and physical casino games.

The popular slot Starburst has a 96.1% RTP. That’s better than average; plus, Starburst is a low-volatility game. Therefore, you can expect relatively frequent and modest payouts.

Mega Joker’s 99% RTP makes it a shining star by this metric. Check out the table above for some great examples of the highest RTP slots.

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