Scudamore’s Super Stakes Slot Review

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Scudamore’s Super Stakes Slot Review
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Play Free NetEnt Slots in NJ

We’re in the midst of racing season, with Triple Crown events and the Breeder’s Cup off and running. Even if you’re not a racing fan, you’ve probably read about the recent controversy at the Kentucky Derby, the race of all races. It’s a riveting story of an overturned victory (the first in the history of the Derby), which fouled who first, and possible legal action. It has drama written all over it.

So, it is apropos that the latest slot title is tied to these events. Scudamore’s Super Stakes takes you to the track and allows you to place your bets as well as have some fun on a traditional reeled slot. That’s right; it’s two games in one. We promise that there will always be a clear winner (Hopefully, it’s you!).

Let’s take a look.

Overview: Scudamore Super Stakes Slots

Get the thrill of the race while placing bets on both the reel spins and your favorite jockey and horse. Scudamore’s Super Stakes is one of the most popular new slots, now available at11 NJ online casinos. Developed by game maker NetEnt, its release is perfectly timed for America’s horse racing season.

You’ll find wilds, random wilds and a free spins bonus that has your horse racing for the finish for an extra payday. Plus there is a unique bet slip feature.

Who will want to play Scudamore Super Stakes?

Horse lovers, horse racing enthusiast and anyone who has spent any time at the track will enjoy the gameplay and wagering. Sports bettors who want a little side action outside of your traditional sportsbook will have fun with this slot as well.

With its span of betting options — 10 cents to $100 — this game will appeal to both low-stakes and high-stakes slot players. There’s also the matter of the max payout of $500,000, which is twice what the typical slot has these days. Also, an 96.11% RTP is attractive to players of all levels.

Gameplay: Scudamore Super Stakes

This slot has the typical five reels, with 20 fixed paylines. You set your bet by using the plus and minus symbols next to your level and your coin value. The minimum coin value is 1 cent; minimum level is one for a total bet of 10 cents. The maximum is level 10, coin value $1 for a total of $100.

Then you have your choice of using the center spin button or using autoplay. With autoplay, your options are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 (by far the most spins available on any slot).

Your symbols include four different jockeys on horseback, identified by their racing colors (red, purple, green and blue), as well as the jack through ace, a wild and a scatter symbol, which appears on reels one, three and five only. Symbols can come singly or as stacked symbols.

Additional features

Scudamore’s Super Stakes also features random wilds. These can occur during any base game and, as the name implies, they are random. You’ll see a number of horseshoes, between two and five, land around the reels. These will then turn into wilds once the reels stop. As you can imagine, this can lead to some pretty spectacular wins.

Special Features: Scudamore Super Stakes

Bet slip feature

This is a side bet feature that is unique to this game. Peaking onto your screen from the right side is a bet slip. If you click on it, it will bring up three columns. The first contains all the symbols in the base game, jockeys, jack through ace, wild and scatter. If you click on one, it will calculate the number of spins you need to collect that symbol.

For instance, the blue jockey has the following options:

  • Collect 18 symbols in 10 spins at 5/2 odds
  • Collect 36 symbols in 20 spins at 4/1 odds
  • Collect 72 symbols in 40 spins at 19/2 odds
  • Collect 144 symbols in 80 spins at 33/1 odds

Select the number of spins and then select your bet amount, which can differ from your base game bet. Once you set the bet amount, you hit “place bet,” it will calculate your payout. Closeout this side bet by clicking on the red X in the upper-right corner and start your spins. Your bet slip will remain in the upper-right corner and count down the symbols as they appear on the reels.

Should you achieve your symbols in the required number of spins, you get the payout. All of which is separate from your base game spins.

Peter’s Classic Cup

Peter’s Classic Cup is triggered by three scatter symbols on reels one, three and five. First, you will choose your horse and jockey, each of which will have payout odds. There is the frontrunner, which has the lowest odds, and then the dark horse, with the highest odds. Once you choose, you will head to the reels, which will automatically start spinning and the horses are off and running below the reels.

You’ll have the same paylines in the base game and will rack up any payline wins. Plus, every horse that shows up on the reels will advance along the track, including yours — best of luck to you.

What works?

Random wilds

This will happen frequently enough and make for some nice wins, even with only three extra wilds on the reels.

Bet slip feature

Honestly, I had more fun with this than the regular spins. You win less often, but it’s such a cool diversion and adds an extra element to the game.

Extended autoplay

Sit back, relax and enjoy up to 1,000 automatic spins.

What doesn’t work

I had trouble finding fault with this slot. Regular base wins come regularly enough to stay engaged, the bet slip option adds a bit of originality and fun, and the free spins bonus was enjoyable as well.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack: 3/5

The music is orchestral with the slight sound of hoof beats in the background. When the horseshoes hit, or a scatter symbol appears, you’ll also hear a metallic sound. The graphics are clear, the symbols easily identifiable and the background track is realistic.

Originality and creativity: 4/5

There aren’t too many horse racing slots out there at the moment so that in itself makes it relatively original and creative. Add in the bet slip feature and Peter’s Classic Cup (Who is Peter, anyway?), and it ups both the originality and creativity score.

Play value: 4/5

This is a medium volatile slot with a range of betting options and an RTP of 96.11%. Wins are frequent, you have the option of placing side bets with the bet slip feature, and the bonus game can pay out really well. Plus there’s the $500,000 available max payout.

Jackpot potential: 3/5

With $500,000 available, it’s worth playing for, as that is twice what the typical online slot is offering these days. As for the potential for big wins, I think it’s there. On a $20 bet, I hit Peter’s Classic Cup and walked away with more than $5,000.

Repeat play: 4/5

It’s one of the best games that NetEnt has released to date, and one of the best new slots overall of late. It adds some diversity to your regular fare of fruits/bars/bells or fantasy-themed slots. Regular wins, decent payouts and a fun side bet.

Total score: 18/25

Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot is a super game with some great features and a fun theme. Play while you watch some real live racing on TV.


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