Siberian Storm Slot: A High Variance Game That’s Not Particularly Siberian Or Stormy

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Siberian Storm Slot: A High Variance Game That’s Not Particularly Siberian Or Stormy
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Play Free IGT Slots in NJ

This New Jersey online slot is actually a reworking of a 2010 classic that first came to prominence in casinos around the world.

With a progressive version of the slot also available, an unusual layout, a huge 720 ways to win on each spin and a somewhat unusual theme, Siberian Storm is certainly a game that will pique the interest of many a slot fan.

The question is whether this blizzard of a slot by IGT is as cool as ice, or whether it melts away into nothing once you have enjoyed a few spins. So to find out, we gave it a spin and this is what we discovered.

Overview: Siberian Storm

The first thing that strikes you when Siberian Storm loads up is the layout. Instead of the usual 5×3 reel matrix, what you have is a very different almost diamond-shaped layout, still of five reels, but with a different number of symbols shown in each reel.

The layout is 3-4-5-4-3 in terms of symbols shown which creates the diamond shape.

Of course, with such an unusual layout, that means an unusual number of ways to win – 720 to be exact. But of course you don’t have to cover every individual payline as spins start at $0.50 per spin and increase up to $1,000 per spin.

Where to play Siberian Storm in New Jersey

You can head to the arctic without stepping a foot outside the Garden State! To get there, just point yourself in the direction of Tropicana online casino or its sister site Virgin NJ online casino.

Who will the Siberian Storm slot appeal to?

Without doubt this slot will appeal to players who are perhaps a little bored of the typical 5×3 reel layout and who want to try something different. Siberian Storm certainly has that not just in terms of the layout, but also in the number of ways to win on every spin.

In addition, the fact that you can trigger winning lines anywhere on the matrix, both ways across the reels, also adds a level of intrigue to the game.

Furthermore, the relatively high volatility of this slot and the large jackpot available (including a progressive) means that there is no doubt this game will certainly attract those who eschew smaller wins and prefer the chance of a massive cash prize.

Gameplay: Siberian Storm

The first thing to note about Siberian Slot in terms of gameplay is that unlike a payline slot, where you have to land symbols in a pattern along the reels, with Siberian slot, provided your symbols Siberian Storm 2are on three or more consecutive reels starting from the left or right-most reels, then you win.

The more symbols that appear anywhere on the reels when you win, the greater your prize.

At first this can make spotting paylines somewhat difficult especially if you are used to the 5×3 layout. But after a few spins, you can soon pick up when you have hit a decent winning line.

The musical accompaniment to the game is suitably dramatic, as if taken from a hit movie or TV series, but in truth, it isn’t particularly Siberian in mood.

The same can be said for some of the symbols in the game.

While the beautiful white Siberian tiger is obviously linked to the theme, a collection of gems, a Bengal tiger (which is resident in India) and what looks like a tiger fang jewel have little to do with Siberia and also frankly, nothing to do with a storm.

However, if you gloss over that, you have a very enjoyable slot to play and one that offers regular smaller wins (though many won’t match your initial bet) and the occasional bigger win. This does help keep your bank balance topped up.

The gemstones are the low symbols and offer the smaller payouts, with the tigers and other related symbols the higher value symbols. In truth though, the more of a symbol you get across the reels on a spin, the higher the payout. So if you land seven lower value symbols across the reels, then you’ll receive more than landing three or four higher value symbols.

The key to unlocking the big wins in the game is the scatter symbol, the tiger’s eye, which can award between eight and 96 free spins depending on how many scatters you land across the reels.

However in the base game, the Multiway Xtra feature, which offers a multiplier depending on how many symbols you land on a win, can result in some nice wins too.

Special features: Siberian Storm

Multiway Xtra

This is a nice feature which gives you added value in the base game when you land several symbols across the reels in a winning spin. The more symbols you land Siberian Storm 3anywhere on the reels in a winning spin, the bigger the multiplier you will receive.

This can result in the very occasional big base game win, especially when it is the higher value symbols on that winning spin.

Free spins

The free spins game isn’t particularly easy to trigger, but when you do you can win big.

There’s a high probability you’ll win at least 10 to 20 times your typical spin bet and on occasion, you can retrigger free spins up to a huge 240 free spins, which can result in some huge wins of up to 500 times your typical bet.

Stacked wilds

In the base game, the wild symbol is stacked on reels two to four. This can result in some excellent multiple winning paylines on a single spin.

What works?

720 ways to win

The fact that you just need numbers of symbols across at least three consecutive paylines (right to left, or left to right) does give the game an added appeal. It also can be frustrating to hit a large number of symbols but not quite land them on the required three reels to trigger a win.

Still, this is a feature which does add excitement to the slot.

Free spins

They may take a little while to hit, but they are worth waiting for as the free spins round can potentially pay out big. You won’t hit the heights likely on just eight free spins, but if you can trigger considerably more, or retrigger free spins in the round, then your winnings from this round can soar.

Big potential jackpots

That leads us on nicely to the big appeal of the game and that is the size of the potential wins.

With 100,000 coin jackpots available and the ability to play for a range of coin values, this is a slot which can offer sizable wins even in the base game and some huge wins during free spins, even if you do not play the progressive version of the game.

What doesn’t?

Highly volatile

Siberian Storm is a game that does require excellent and substantial bankrolls in order to explore fully. You can go many spins in a row where all you win are small prizesSiberian Storm 4 less than your initial bet.

As such, unless you have the funds to play a decent session, this slot can wipe out your balance quickly if it runs cold.

Small base game wins

If you want to be rewarded continually then it appears you are doing so in Siberian Storm, however in truth many of the base game wins are just small coin wins of 10, 15 or 20 coins.

With a minimum wager of 50, these wins are simply less of a loss, so even if you are winning, your bankroll is still taking a substantial hit.

Muddled theme

The only thing genuinely Siberian about this slot is the tiger. The rest of the theme is somewhat muddled with odd shaped gems, Bengal tigers and a distinct lack of anything stormy anywhere on the reels.

The scores

[wp-review id=”5583″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 2.5/5

The music is a little cheesy and perhaps a tad over-dramatic, but it does help create a nice pace to the slot. The graphics are neatly presented, but nothing groundbreaking, hence the average mark.

Originality and creativity: 4/5

The layout of the slot, the fact you can win both ways and the Multiway Xtra bonuses all make this a very enjoyable and playable slot that is very different than the usual 5×3 slot game.

Play value: 1/5

This is a high volatility slot which means that you can hit some long runs of small wins which can wipe out a bankroll quickly. In terms of value for money, Siberian Storm can thaw out any bankroll quickly if you play it at too high a price for too many spins.

Jackpot potential: 4.5/5

However, the payoff for that high volatility is the fact that this is a slot that, even without a progressive jackpot, still can offer punters a massive cash win if they hit the right combination.

Repeat play: 2/5

I’ve no doubt jackpot hunters will play this game more often, but slot players who want less volatile slots may find Siberian Storm a bit too hot to handle at times.

Total score: 14/25

A solid, enjoyable slot, with excellent, big money wins available. Alas, Siberian Storm can be very volatile and is not a slot to be played with if your bankroll is not in too strong a shape.

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