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Stinkin’ Rich Slots
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Play Free IGT Slots in NJ

The lifestyle of the wealthy is a very popular theme for slot games for obvious reasons.

So, I wasn’t expecting too much out of the ordinary when I loaded up IGT’s Stinkin’ Rich slot.

However, I found something quite uncommon.

You have 5×5 reels (although the middle reel only has three spaces) packed with symbols. Some of the symbols relate to the super rich and the others have more to do with the stinking side of things — rotten eggs, decaying fish, smelly cheese, and garlic.

It’s a novel approach to a slot for sure, so let’s see how it works.

Stinkin Rich slot reviews New Jersey

Overview: Stinkin’ Rich

The first thing to note is that IGT has re-mastered the original for a more modern feel, and the initial impressions are good.

There are two exciting bonus features (more on those later) as well as a 5×5 reel setup, although the middle reel only has three symbols showing. Wilds are stacked across the reels, and there is also a separate scatter symbol alongside the two bonus symbols.

You can select from one, 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 paylines.

Your bet can be from $0.01 per line up to $30 per line, giving you a huge range of spins from $1 up to a maximum of $3000 per spin.

This means anybody can try Stinkin’ Rich, but it may be especially interesting to higher stakes players. There is a 10,000-coin jackpot in the base game from a single payline, although multiple payline wins are possible.

Who will the Stinkin’ Rich slot appeal to?

Although players of all bankroll sizes can enjoy this game, the huge maximum bet size means Stinkin’ Rich is likely to appeal to (without putting too fine a point on it) the stinkin’ rich.

A $3,000 top bet means that serious high rollers could well be tempted by this slot.

Beyond that, players who prefer medium variance games (this is clearly a medium variance slot) will find lots to like. The cartoon-style presentation may give it a simplistic feel, but this is actually a rather complex and well-designed slot.

Certainly, IGT put a lot of thought into its update of the classic game.

Where to play Stinkin’ Rich online in New Jersey

No matter how good you smell, you’ll have a wealth of choices in terms of NJ online casinos carrying Stinkin’ Rich.

Not only is the game at and Tropicana online casino, but it’s also at every stinkin’ one of these legal NJ gambling websites:

Gameplay: Stinkin’ Rich

The first thing to note with the gameplay on the Stinkin’ Rich slot is that there is a lot happening on screen on every spin.

The paytable reveals that the stinkin’ symbols — an old shoe, a smelly fish, blue cheese, garlic, and a rotten egg — are the lowest value symbols.

The higher-paying symbols are the four rich folks:

  • A young man and lady
  • A more venerable gentleman
  • An older lady in a green dress who offers the top prize of 10,000 coins for five on a payline

One small criticism: The reels look rather cluttered, and it can be hard to distinguish a winning payline win from a spin that looks like a win but doesn’t pay out. This is frustrating when it is a high- or low-value slot, but it is even more annoying when it happens with one of the top features in the game.

The size of the payouts on the reels varies a great deal in accordance with a typical medium variance slot. Some wins are of a healthy size, but they only come along every so often.

Smaller wins are more frequent, but the amount you win for three of a low symbol on the reels nowhere near covers your total bet. If you hit a spell when the machine is playing very tight, it can be expensive.

Good bankroll management and playing all 100 paylines at a rate you can afford will allow you to get the most out of the slot. You just need to be prepared for times when the slot runs cold, as well as hot.

The base game has a jackpot of 10,000 coins on a single payline, but there are some bonus features to help you achieve other big wins.

The first is the wild symbol, which is stacked across the reels and can be useful in landing multiple payline wins. This is especially true when it lands on the first couple of reels.

The wild only substitutes for the high and low value symbols, not any of the feature symbols.

The other symbol that can offer you a decent base game win is the scatter symbol. It simply offers a payout of 3x (for three scatters), 20x (for four scatters), or 100x (for all five scatters) across the reels.

The two features that offer a better chance of a big win are the Keys to Riches bonus and the Trash for Cash bonus.

In the latter, you need to land three Trash for Cash symbols across reels three, four, and five on a payline to win a cash amount of between 6x and 40x your bet.

The Keys to Riches bonus appears on reels one, two, and three, and when you land three on a payline, you win five free spins multiplied by the number of triggering paylines. (Usually it is 15 free spins.)

During free spins, you get a new set of symbols and it seems you can hit better-value wins during free spins than in the base game.

Stinkin Rich NJ slot review

Special features: Stinkin’ Rich

Stacked wilds

During the base game and free spins, the wild symbol is stacked across the reels. This can help land winning paylines by substituting for low and high-value symbols. It can also help create multiple winning paylines from a single spin.

Keys to Riches bonus

This bonus is triggered when you land three Keys to Riches symbols on a payline across the first three reels.

You receive five free spins multiplied by the number of triggering paylines. Usually, this is around 15 free spins, but it can be as many as 325 free spins.

Trash for Cash bonus

Hit three of the Trash for Cash bonuses across reels three, four, and five, and you win a random cash prize of between 6x and 40 times your total bet.

What works?

Bonus features

The quartet of bonus features — from the simpler scatter and stacked wilds in the base game to the two bonus features — all offer decent wins. They are certainly worth pursuing as you play through the base game. They also add a nice degree of variation to the slot.

Stacked wilds

The stacked wilds bonus is extremely valuable to players in the base game. It can help trigger wins where previously there would not have been any.

Being stacked means that you can trigger several paylines at once, increasing the overall value of the win.

100 paylines

The option to wager from one to 100 paylines is good, but to get the best out of the slot, you need to play the maximum number of paylines.

One hundred paylines is a good amount, but it’s a surprisingly small number of combinations on a 5×5 slot.

Stinkin Rich review NJ slot

What doesn’t?

Volatile game

Stinkin’ Rich is fun and cartoonish, but that belies a slot that can be very volatile at times. Players can hit a number of spins where they win nothing but pennies, despite playing at 100 coins.

Features must be triggered on payline

The most annoying aspect of the slot is that features need to be triggered on a payline rather than across the reels in any position.

NJ online slots players might be frustrated to see three Trash the Cash or Keys to Riches symbols on the reels, but the bonus not triggered.

Low base game wins

Although there is a 10,000-coin jackpot available in the base game, most wins are considerably less than this. For the majority of wins, you are going to be lucky to earn back your stake.

The scores

[wp-review id=”7038″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 3/5

The graphics are clear and cartoonish, but the reels appear cluttered at times, and it isn’t easy to distinguish between the low symbols in particular.

The soundtrack, however, is quite good and a big improvement over the original.

Originality and creativity: 4/5

There’s a lot of innovation in this slot, starting with the 5×5 reels, the up-to-100 paylines, and the massive base game wagers available.

Add to this two bonus rounds, plus a scatter and stacked wild, and you have a redesigned slot that has really improved on the original.

Play value: 2/5

This is what holds back the Stinkin’ Rich slot. Big wins happen, but they can be very rare.

In the meantime, as with most medium variance slots, you can have lengthy periods when you only trigger very small wins. At 100 coins per spin, that can prove to be expensive over time.

Jackpot potential: 5/5

A 10,000-coin jackpot on a single payline is not to be sniffed at, especially when you can ramp up the size of the wager on that payline to $30. That is a massive $300,000 available on a single payline win.

Repeat play: 3/5

There is so much happening on the Stinkin’ Rich slot, and it is an unusual theme that might interest players.

However, I think when you hit a spell of low-paying wins, the amount you lose could be a deterrent to playing again.

Total score: 17/25

There are many great features on the Stinkin’ Rich slot, and it is a flexible game that allows players to play at their own level.

However, to get the most out of it, you have to bet big and that comes with risks. For higher rollers, it will be a risk they are willing to take.

online slots Stinkin Rich

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