Super Times Pay Hot Roll Slots

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Super Times Pay Hot Roll Slots
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I’ll be brutally honest and say that when I saw the title of the Super Time Pay Hot Roll slot, I wondered if this was some kind of bakery-inspired game. Maybe some balls of dough, baking hot loaves of bread, and hot dog rolls emblazoned across the reels.

Super Times Pay Hot Roll is nothing of the sort. Instead, what you have is a rather mundane three-reel slot with up to three symbols available on each reel and 20 paylines in play.

However, this retro-looking and sounding slot also has a little ace up its sleeve in the Hot Roll bonus game. Let’s learn a little more about the slot and how it plays.

Overview: Super Times Pay Hot Roll

There is undoubtedly a retro feel to this IGT slot. That said, I did find the additional bonus feature rather cutting edge. It combines one of the most popular dice games in the casino with a playable and enjoyable three-reel slot. Spins start at $0.20 per spin, although you can radically increase that bet to a larger sum.

On the reels are an assortment of symbols. These include bars (one, two and three bars), 7 symbols, plus combination bar and seven symbols. These combo symbols can be used for either to complete a winning payline.

There’s also 2x, 3x, and 4x multiplier symbols on the reels. Some are Hot Roll symbols, three of which when landed across the reels on a payline trigger the bonus game.

Who will the Super Times Pay Hot Roll slot appeal to?

The Super Times Pay Hot Roll slot will certainly appeal to retro-style slot gamers. The slot has a very traditional look and the audio is what some reviewers would kindly call “authentic casino slot sounds.”

However, this slot will also appeal to fans of casino games too, thanks to its craps-based bonus game and the fact that the slot has a number of extra features. These include multiplier symbols and the Hot Roll symbols.

Add to this the fact there are 20 paylines on the three reels, as well as a jackpot of 5,000 coins, and Super Hot Roll has enough additional features to appeal to a modern slot gamer.

Gameplay: Super Times Pay Hot Roll

The gameplay is relatively simple and very easy to understand. Start by selecting the number of lines you want to play (20 is the maximum setting and is the best option). Then, set your line bet size to ensure that you are playing at the right level for your bankroll. Once that’s sorted, you can hit the spin button or click the autoplay feature to get the reels spinning.

The first thing you’ll notice about Super Times Pay Hot Roll is that you win a lot. That’s great news you may think, but in actual fact, the amounts you tend to win do not cover your initial bet. This means that despite hitting plenty of wins in the base game, your cash balance can start dwindling rapidly.

There are some helpful symbols on the reels that can bolster your bankroll. The best without doubt are the multiplier symbols that set up the 5,000-coin jackpot.

Where the slot is a tad confusing because there are relatively few symbols on the reels and 20 paylines, it does almost seem as if your wins in the base game are random. There’s not many discernible patterns between wins, so studying the pay table to try and fathom what constitutes a win is a good place to start.

The other symbol that can help produce extra wins is the combination symbol of a Bar with a 7 in front of it. This can operate as both a Bar symbol or a 7 symbol to help create winning paylines from either set.

Additional features

The final symbol to look out for is the Hot Roll symbol, which is actually a banner that can appear in front of any of the Bar or 7 symbols (or combination symbols) in the game. You need to land three of these symbols across the reels to trigger the Hot Roll Bonus feature.

When you do, it is easy to spot as the familiar sound of Arrow’s hit song “Hot Hot Hot” kick into gear and you are presented with a screen and two dice. You can roll these dice by dragging them across the screen, or using the auto roll feature

The bonus game follows the pattern of a craps game. If you don’t score seven, you can roll the dice again and try and increase the value of your win. The total score of your dice roll will give you a prize win, or if it is seven, it will end the game. If this is the case on the first roll, a stated minimum prize is awarded.

Keep rolling the dice by avoiding the sevens and hitting the higher paying combinations to build up your win. Your round will end when you roll a seven and awarded the cash prize. You are then returned to the base game.

Special features: Super Hot Roll

Hot Roll symbols and bonus

Multiplier symbols

Turn those small base game wins into something a little more substantial by landing multiplier symbols of 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x across the reels. Land 2x, 5x, 2x on a payline and you can hit the 5,000-coin jackpot prize in the base game.

Bar and 7 combination symbols

Another nice feature is the combination symbol which combines a Bar symbol and a 7 symbol. It can be used with either to create winning paylines on a spin.

What works?

Bonus game

The Hot Roll bonus game is a fabulous feature and really adds an extra level of depth to the slot. Without it, this would be a rather ordinary retro slot game; however, the fact you roll dice for your bonus, rather than a pick’em game or free spins, is a real novelty.

Multiplier wins

Super Times Pay Hot Roll would suffer hugely in terms of value without the multiplier wins in the base game. So many wins are small and well below your total bet, but the multiplier wins can help increase the value of these bets and radically improve the cost-effectiveness of the base game as a whole.

One symbol payouts

One nice touch is that, rather like on the old retro slots, you can win some cash back (albeit very small amounts) by landing just one symbol on the first reel. These are not big wins, but you do win at least something.

What doesn’t?


Excluding the bonus game, which is played to the cheery tones of Arrow’s hit “Hot Hot Hot,” the sound on the Super Times Pay Hot Roll game is a computerized assault on the ears. Random beeps will drive you crazy within about five minutes of playing.

No free spins bonus

Although the Hot Roll bonus game is a great addition to the slot, many players will scrub this off their play list as it has no free spins bonus feature. I’d discourage them to do that as the Hot Roll bonus is very playable and potentially lucrative.

Very small base game wins

Perhaps the biggest issue with this slot is the majority of base game wins being just a fraction of your total bet. You aren’t winning at all, just losing less money on every spin. It can be disappointing to win eight out of 10 spins and see your balance still dwindling.

The scores

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Graphics and soundtrack: 2/5

The graphics on the Super Times Pay Hot Rolls slot are great and that is particularly the case in the bonus game. But the sounds in the base game are intensely annoying and will have you reaching for the mute button in record time.

Originality and creativity: 3.5/5

Although this is a retro-style slot game, there’s plenty of innovation here too. Yes, the game plays like an older slot, but the addition of 20 paylines, multiplier symbols, a combination symbol, and the fantastic bonus game mean it has a lot of originality built in too.

Play value: 2.5/5

This is the most disappointing aspect of the base game. Play value is poor here with so many wins being so small. However, you do hit the occasional bigger win, especially with multipliers. The Hot Roll bonus can see you bolster your funds with some much greater wins. It’s not a cheap game to play, but you can see some rewards too.

Jackpot potential: 3/5

The base game jackpot of 5,000 coins is certainly not to be sniffed at. The ability to win similar amounts in the bonus game and the fact you can increase your coin size to $20 per spin mean there is big money to be won here.

Repeat play: 3/5

Super Hot Roll is a slot you will certainly come back to try again and again. The sounds may drive you to distraction, but played on a low level and with a generous bankroll, you’ll be trying to hit the Hot Rolls bonus game time and again.

Total score: 14/25

Super Times Pay Hot Roll is a slot that certainly grows on you. The play value hits you hard initially, but if you play at a sensible level for your bankroll, the game grows on you. Big wins are possible, but you’ll need patience to hit them.

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