Super Times Pay Slot: A Retro Slot With Modern Twists

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Super Times Pay Slot: A Retro Slot With Modern Twists
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Play Free IGT Slots in NJ

One of the great pleasures of reviewing slots is that you get to come across a wide range of games and a ton of different features, so much so that often you can forget you are playing a slot game, so diverse are the range of bonus features and nuances of some games.

However, occasionally there is a game you come across that takes you back to the simpler days of slot gaming: three reels, bar and sevens symbols, and yet the slot still offers you a game as enjoyable as one that you’d find on a modern slot. A perfect example of this is IGT’s Super Times Pay slot. Let’s take a closer look and see what it has to offer.

Overview: Super Times Pay

As has already been stated, Super Times Pay is definitely a slot that falls into the retro category. It has just three reels and doesn’t come with any of the clever presentation or gimmicks you’d find on a modern slot. What you have here is a representation of an old-school mechanized slot and, in that respect, it hits the nail firmly on the head.

However, alongside that retro look is all the convenience of being able to play between 1 and 5 paylines per spin (maximum is the better option). You can also increase your line bet from $0.05 up to $200. This means you can spin from $0.25 up to a maximum of $1,000 per spin. That’s a huge range and ensures that this slot will appeal to lower stakes as well as high roller players.

Who will the Super Times Pay slot appeal to?

There is no doubt that fans of the retro-style of slot will enjoy what Super Times Pay has to offer and how it is presented. The mechanized slot console is a nice way to present the game, simple yet effective. The way the reels spin, even down to the computerized sound effects that you hear from slot machine arcades around the world, IGT has captured that feel superbly.

However, it’s a mistake to think that this slot is only about old-style gaming. Although the game looks and plays like an old-style slot, the amount you can win definitely brings the game into the modern era. There’s a 10,000-coin jackpot possible if you hit the Super Times Pay symbols on the fifth payline. With other lesser wins of between 5,000 and 8,000 coins available on the other paylines, there is some serious money available to be won on this slot. That will certainly appeal to players who like to play for more money.

Gameplay: Super Times Pay

The gameplay on the Super Times Pay slot is very simple. It’s a clear representation of older slot games, although not the very old slot games. This is because on this game, you can land either two symbols on a single reel, or the reel can stop with just one symbol on show. This variation gives far more possibilities per spin (and as such allows the slot to offer the big money cash prizes it does).

The reels are populated with two different types of symbols (other than the Super Times Pay symbols), although there are slight variations within each type of symbol on the reels too. The symbols are the popular Bar and Sevens symbols that were hugely popular on slots for many years.

For the Bar symbols there is a single Bar (purple), a double (green) and also a treble (red). There are two Sevens symbols, a red and purple. Furthermore, there is also a hybrid Bar and Seven symbol, combining both a single bar and single purple seven. This symbol can complete winning paylines for both Bar and Seven symbols.

Of all those symbols it is the red seven which is the highest paying symbol (offering a 50-coin payout in the base game when landed three across a payline).

Additional features

The final symbol on the reels is the Super Times Pay bonus symbols. There are four of these types of symbols, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. The good news is that you only need one of these to land anywhere on the reels to trigger a win, because these symbols also act as Wild Multipliers.

What this means is that if you hit a payline using one of the Super Times Pay bonus symbols, you will receive the payout multiplier by the factor shown on the symbol. So if the symbol that completes your payline is a 4x symbol, you will receive four times the usual payout for that line.

Combinations of the Super Times Pay bonus symbols pay out the biggest wins in this game with the 2x – 5x – 2x combination offering the jackpot payouts, although combinations of other symbols can also pay out some huge amounts too.  It’s worth noting however that only the 2x symbols appear across all reels. The 3x, 4x and 5x symbols appear on the middle reel only.

In addition, you can also trigger 10 Free Spins by landing the three symbols with the Super banner on them across the three reels. You can retrigger an additional 10 free spins in bonus round by landing the symbols again (up to a maximum of 999 free spins). During free spins all wins are paid out with a default 2x multiplier applied.

Special features: Super Times Pay

Super Times Pay symbols

The fact that you can hit a 2x Super Times Pay symbol on any reel along with the 3x, 4x and 5x symbols on the middle reel, and that these symbols are Wild Multipliers means that they are hugely beneficial for completing payline wins in the base game, as well as offering a chance to win the big jackpot prizes.

Free Spins

It’s rare for a retro slot such as Super Times Pay to offer a Free Spins bonus round. But, if you hit the three banner symbols across the reels, you can win 10 retriggerable (up to 999 maximum) free spins complete with a 2x multiplier on all wins during the bonus round.

Bar/Seven hybrid

The Bar/Seven symbol acts as a semi-wild symbol. It can be used as both a 7 symbol and also a bar symbol to help create winning paylines with any of the other types of these symbols.

What works?

Retro gaming

The way that the Super Times Pay slot is presented makes it clear that this is a more retro-themed slot. It works very well indeed, from the console presentation and basic sound effects, making it a real treat for retro gaming fans.

Super Times Pay bonus

The Wild Multiplier bonuses are what really give this game an added edge. Their main role in the slot is to create winning paylines and offer a multiplier on that win but when you land three on a payline, you can access some massive wins too.

Free Spins

It’s rare that a retro slot such as Super Times Pay offers an additional bonus feature, but the addition of the Free Games banner really does give the game an added dimension. It gives players that enjoy free spins games something to play through the base game in the hope of achieving.

What doesn’t?

Repetitive gameplay

The base game is a tad repetitive after a while. With just three reels, there isn’t a huge variation. The fact that many spins are losers because you hit two symbols then one, then one, or one, then two then one, or similar is also slightly annoying after a while.

Hard to hit Free Spins

Although there is a Free Spins bonus game, it can be difficult to hit. It can take a good deal of patience to work your way through the base game until you hit the bonus round. Even then, it sometimes doesn’t pay a huge amount, even with a 2x multiplier.

Small value wins

The main issue with the Super Times Pay slot is that the vast majority of your wins in the slot are generally small and often do not cover your total bet. This means even if you hit wins regularly, you can still be losing money. You do need those bigger value wins to boost up your bank balance.

The scores

[wp-review id=”7539″]

Graphics & soundtrack 3/5

The graphics and soundtrack on this slot are very simplistic and retro but they’re designed to be that way. As such, I think the slot achieves its aim, even though to be honest, after a little while the computerized music on spins will slowly start to drive you insane and you’ll be hitting the mute button.


Originality & creativity 4/5

Can a retro game based on simple, old-fashioned gameplay be original and creative? Well, IGT has added some great features to this slot such as the Wild Multipliers, hybrid symbols, and of course Free Spins. As such, I think this retro slot is one of the most original you’ll find.

Play value 2/5

Unfortunately this is the biggest letdown for the Super Times Pay slot. Too many wins are below what you have staked and that means you do lose money on this slot very rapidly. However, you can win some huge prizes too, which will boost your bankroll if you’re lucky.

Jackpot potential 3/5

With a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins available, as well as several smaller prizes of 5,000 coins or more, this is a retro-style slot that offers a larger than usual jackpot and this will certainly attract many players to give the slot a try.

Repeat play 4/5

Given that there is so much packed into the base game and the fact you can access a free spins round, there is a great deal to enjoy on this slot. I have no hesitation in saying that most slots players will be revisiting this game for another session very soon after their first has finished.

Total score: 16/25

Super Times Pay is a brilliant mix of retro slot gaming style, with a few modern twists which give the game added appeal and a real wow-factor. It can be expensive to play and is most definitely medium variance, but it is an excellent slot in its own right.


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