Tornado: Farm Escape Slot Will Make You Run For Cover!

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Play Free NetEnt Slots in NJ

Every so often along comes a game that defies a description. If we told you that a slot existed where hard-working farm animals were whisked off on holiday by means of a freak weather event, you’d think us crazy, but that’s precisely what happens in NetEnt’s mobile video slot Tornado: Farm Escape.

Overview: Tornado Farm Escape

The premise of the game is simple and neatly explained in the short video that previews the slot. There’s a farm out west where the animals are worked hard and expected to do more than their fair share. They need a break and there’s only one way to get it, to catch a ride to sunnier, more restful climes on the back of a passing tornado!

NetEnt’s slot is the usual 5×3 reel slot which has 20 paylines in operation with the ability to spin from as little as $0.20 per spin, up to a maximum spin of $200.00.

The biggest possible win in the game is an impressive 167,000 coins.

Who will the Tornado Farm Escape slot appeal to?

Given its broad range of wagers and unusual subject matter, people that like a quirky, unusual slot that has a few novel features and an backstory from Hollywood would certainly enjoy the slot.

It’s a relatively low variance game, with regular smaller wins and the bigger wins coming when you trigger the features.

Tornado Farm Escape 1The features do make the slot very interesting, but the base game wins – even when you land five of a kind – are somewhat disappointing and the slot does need the additional features in order to keep things interesting for the player.

Where to play Tornado Farm Escape in New Jersey

New Jersey online casino players have three top-notch casinos where they can play Tornado: Farm Escape.

They are:

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Gameplay: Tornado Farm Escape

The base game itself is relatively rudimentary and with none of the playing card lows on the reels, it is nice to see a slot packed with features, in this case farmyard animals and implements, that animate nicely when you hit a win.

Base game wins are generally small but relatively frequent, however you can and do hit runs of spins where nothing seems to happen. Too many of these in a session can become frustrating.

However, base game spins are livened up by the randomly triggered Storm Feature (more on that below) and also the TV Wild symbol, which helps create winning paylines.

The Storm Feature is a little hit and miss. You can get a very nice sized win if it drops enough Wilds in the right place, but too often it tends to drop a couple at the end of the lines and usually, this ends up in nothing paying out.

The big feature that really offers you a chance of earning a better sized win is the Tornado feature, which is triggered when landing just two scatter symbols (Hot Front and Cold Front symbols) on the first and last reels.

This is surprisingly easy to trigger, but the rewards that it pays out can vary as in theory you could have a huge amount of free spins (you spin until you hit a spin that doesn’t display one of your collection symbols) or you could just have one and win a very small amount.

With a banjo-inspired background music and some nice sound effects and animations, Tornado: Farm Escape is beautifully presented and plays very nicely indeed.

Special features: Tornado Farm Escape

Wild Storm feature

This feature randomly appears on base game spins and when it does, the storm will turn random symbols wild anywhere across the reels.

It is a variable feature, however, which can award no prize at all, but also offer the chance of a big win depending on where the Wilds land and how many are on the reels.

Tornado feature

The key to the biggest wins in the game is triggered when you land a hot front and cold front scatter on the first and last reels. This then starts off the Tornado bonus which identifies two symbols (one of which is the wild) which your tornado will collect on each successive free spin.

Every time you land either of the two symbols to collect on the reels, the tornado will suck them up and your bonus will increase. The more symbols you collect, the greater the value of each individual symbol increases.

The round ends when a spin results in no collected symbols being shown.

What works?


How many slots do you know tell the tale of tornado-hitching animals heading away on a holiday? The theme is innovative, unusual and has so many nice touches and comedic moments it is as enjoyable to watch as it is to play.

Tornado feature

A free spins round where you can keep spinning until your reels come up dry. This is a fantastic feature that offers the best chance of big money wins and it is an innovative take on free spins.

Nice that you only need two scatters to land it, too.

Wild Storm feature

This is a feature that you have to bide your time with.

There’s perhaps a tad too many low paying or no paying times this feature runs, but when it hits big, you can Tornado Farm Escape 4win a huge amount, all from within the base game as well.

What doesn’t?

Base game wins

Although you win relatively regularly in the base game, the wins are generally small and don’t increase greatly even if you land four or five symbols on a payline.

No multipliers

A few decent multipliers on base game wins, especially those achieved with a wild symbol or two would have added more appeal to the game.

No other features

The slot would have been enhanced by one or more other features to sit alongside the two main ones outlined above.

The scores

Graphics and soundtrack: 4/5

A fantastic bluegrass soundtrack, animal sound effects as they are whisked into the tornado, animations on a payline, this is a slot that looks and sounds fantastic.

Originality and creativity: 5/5

A clever and unusual topic for a slot, but NetEnt have put it together very well indeed. So many nice touches make this slot a joy to play.

Play value: 3/5

This is a low to medium variance slot, but it does play differently at different times. We’ve enjoyed fantastic, profitable sessions and some where very little happens.

Jackpot potential: 2/5

Although we triggered the big win bonus a few times in reviewing the slot, most wins were around 10 to 15 times our wager and we didn’t trigger anything bigger than that.

Repeat play: 3/5

Tornado: Farm Escape is fun to play and can be very rewarding. You do hit the occasional run of non-paying spins, but there’s enough in this slot to keep you coming back for more.

Total score: 19/25

This is a hugely enjoyable and original slot that is presented beautifully and boasts a couple of innovative features. Big wins are possible, but patience is required.

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