Treasures From The Gods Slot: A Minimalist Myth-Based Game

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We are heading into the realm of ancient Greek legends and myths once again as we take a look at the Gamesys slot Treasures from the Gods. These popular myths, along with ancient Egypt, provide a fertile breeding ground for slot games. So, what does Treasures of the Gods bring to the table?

Well, as we shall show in our review, this is most definitely a game that will fall into the “retro” category, even if it looks and plays like a more modern slot. That’s because what we have here essentially is a cut down slot that does away with all the frills of modern slot games. It gets back to the very basics like spinning reels to win. Does Treasure of the Gods work in an industry where slots are getting more complex and brimming with additional features? Let’s find out.

Overview: Treasures from the Gods

On the face of it, Treasures from the Gods looks like a relatively modern 5×3 reel slot, albeit on an ancient Greek theme. This particular theme is rife on slot games. It’s inspired some of the very best of recent times (such as the Ages of the Gods series).

However, Treasures from the Gods is a slot which doesn’t follow the masses. This is a stripped-back game. There are no free spins rounds, multipliers, pick’em games or any of the other features that are generally hallmarks of a modern slot.

What you have here instead is a slot where there are ten symbols on the reels and where all the biggest jackpots can only be accessed from the base game because that is all there is to play. That may sound rather simplistic and perhaps far too basic, but Treasures from the Gods also has a few neat tricks. We’ll investigate these in more detail in the Gameplay section.

Who will the Treasures from the Gods slot appeal to?

I think there is no doubt at all that the Treasures from the Gods slot is aimed squarely at either beginner slot players who want a very simple, easy-to-follow game that awards them regular wins while spinning, or the retro gamer who enjoys this particular type of ‘stripped-back’ slot game.

That said, there is an in-game jackpot of 10,000 coins. When you consider you can wager up to $5.00 as a single coin, this offers a fantastic jackpot for the higher stakes player. As such, punters who like games with larger jackpots will find lots to enjoy here.

There’s also some genuinely rare features on the slot which will make it popular with fans of slots that offer something a little different to the norm.

Gameplay: Treasures from the Gods

Treasures from the Gods is a 5×3 reel slot with a difference. It offers simple, stripped back slot gameplay. By that we mean there are no free spins rounds, no bonus pick’em games, no tumbling reels or stacked wilds. Just a relatively simple and extremely easy-to-follow slot game that offers a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Now, that may sound a tad simplistic, especially in an industry where innovation and adding new features is the byword for most companies, but what Treasures from the Gods does well is to offer a simple slot game with some unique features to help it stand out as something a little different.


The first feature that really catches your eye is the fact that with the Apollo, Hera and Hades symbols, you can win with just two symbols in place. With the highest paying symbol, Zeus, you can win with just a single symbol.

Furthermore, to help players achieve more wins, there are nine paylines…but you can win both ways across the reels, from left to right and also from right to left. This in effect doubles the number of paylines in play to 18. It means that you have twice the chances to land a win on every spin, without having to spend a penny more than your chosen bet.

Speaking of bets, you can wager as little as $0.09 up to a maximum of $45.00 per spin. All the paylines are non-selectable but you can alter the coin size by clicking on the relevant button at the bottom of the console.

Additional features

Another innovative feature is that in this game, the Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols in the game, including the Scatter symbol. In this game, the scatter symbol simply offers a payout provided the symbols start on reels 1 or 5 and are adjacent to each other on the reels. However, the fact that a Wild can now substitute as a scatter helps you achieve more wins with these symbols. These wins can prove to be very lucrative.

I think you could classify the Treasures from the Gods slot as a ‘quirky’ game. There will be some slot players that love the slot and its simplistic gaming. Others may find that it doesn’t offer them the same excitement or features that they’ve come to enjoy.

Special Features: Treasures from the Gods

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol replaces any symbol on the reels (including the scatter symbol) to help create winning paylines. This is particularly useful when it completes winning paylines with higher value symbols, particularly the Zeus symbol.

Single Zeus symbol win

Rather like the old Cherry symbol on traditional slots used to pay out a win if a single symbol appeared on the leftmost reel, a single Zeus symbol on reel one or five will trigger a small win. Four of the five God symbols also payout for two consecutive symbols on reels 1 and 2 or 4 and 5.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol simply offers a cash payout if it lands consecutively across the reels starting on reel one or reel five. However the Wild symbol can substitute for scatters to increase the value of the win.

What works?


There is no doubt that Gamesys attempted to develop a very simple slot for players here and they certainly achieved that. All the wins available in the slot can be hit from the base game and it’s extremely accessible and easy to play, even for a beginner.


Regular wins

The wins-both-ways feature across the reels really helps you achieve regular wins during the base game. Admittedly most of these are small, but there are the occasional bigger wins to help boost your bankroll.

Wild/Scatter substitute

It is very rare that a Wild symbol substitutes for a scatter symbol on a slot. The fact that this does happen on the Treasures from the Gods slot is a real bonus. It can lead to some very nice scatter symbol wins.

What doesn’t?

No additional features

Of course, with simplicity comes the fact that this is a slot that is bereft of many of the features that are often associated with modern online slots. For the more experienced player or those that enjoy free spins or pick me games as they play, then they won’t find too much here to get excited about.

Small base game wins

While you win relatively frequently on the slot, most of those base game wins are generally small and often do not cover the bet you made to get the reels spinning in the first place.

No Autoplay button

If you want to set the reels in motion and then go and do something else then you won’t be able to. There’s no Autoplay feature with this slot, which is a disappointment as you have to click on every spin.

The scores

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Graphics & soundtrack 2.5/5

There’s nothing hugely ground-breaking with any of the graphics, sound or animations on this slot. The game design is very fitting of a Greek theme and it certainly captures the ambiance of the slot very nicely.

Originality & creativity 3.5/5

Full marks to Gamesys for trying a different take on a modern slot. Sure, this may be stripped back to essentials, but with some clever additions such as pays both ways and one and two symbol wins, it works and it works very well. Certainly there’s nothing new here, but this is a well thought out and constructed slot.

Play value 3.5/5

Although most of the base game wins are generally small, you do get the occasional bigger win which helps to balance things out. Overall, this is a lower variance game so it shouldn’t take too big a chunk out of your balance and as such, it offers decent value for slot players.

Jackpot potential 3.5/5

There is a 10,000 coin jackpot up for grabs, which when played at the highest level translates into a $50,000 jackpot available. That is a very nice sum of money for any player to win, hence this is a game that has a decent jackpot potential, but only really for higher stakes players.

Repeat play 3.5/5

Although some players may bemoan the lack of features with the slot and its simplicity, I think an equal number will enjoy the fact that everything in the Treasures From The Gods slot is immediately accessible and with the little additional features, this is certainly a slot you’ll go back to time and time again for a few spins.

Total score: 16.5/25

Treasures From The Gods is a good example of a slot where occasionally less is more. It is very simplistic, ideal for a beginner but also with some novel features that do make it somewhat unique in the pantheon of modern slot games. As such, it deserves its decent score and is fun and accessible and affordable to play for all slot players.


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