Zeus Slot: Travel Back In Time With A Retro Game Offering Excellent Value

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Zeus Slot: Travel Back In Time With A Retro Game Offering Excellent Value
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Play Free WMS Slots in NJ

Zeus was the king of the ancient Greek gods, father to many of the heroes of myths and legends.

He was also famed for his rather tempestuous nature (he was in charge of thunder bolts for one) and meddling in mortal affairs when perhaps he shouldn’t.

Zeus is now the subject of a new slot from WMS. It has a retro feel and easy-to-follow gameplay, making it an absolutely first-choice slot for a novice player.

Let’s take a closer look at the game.

online slots NJ Tropicana Virgin

Overview: Zeus

Zeus is one of the simplest online slots in New Jersey to play that I’ve come across in a long time.

It is a standard 5×3 reel slot with 30 selectable paylines, and you can tailor the size of your bet from as little as $0.01 per spin up to a maximum bet of $30 per spin.

This puts it firmly in the realm of the lower- to medium-stakes player.

The reels are adorned with plenty of symbols to do with Zeus and Greek mythology, including coins, laurels, Grecian urns, a helmet, the winged horse Pegasus, plus the highest-paying symbol, Zeus himself.

There is also a wild symbol as well as a thunderbolt scatter that offers access to a free spins bonus round.

Who will the Zeus slot appeal to?

Given the simplistic gameplay and the price point at which it is focused, I’d say this is a slot aimed at the less-experienced player and the lower- to medium-stakes players.

In addition, anybody with an interest in Greek mythology (it’s a popular theme) will certainly find plenty of enjoyment. It is a lower variance game with the opportunity for some big base game wins with the stacked Zeus symbol.

Where to play the Zeus online slot in New Jersey

Zeus may be a mythical creature, but if you’re in New Jersey, you won’t have to venture too far out of your realm to find the game. Go straight to VirginCasino.com if you haven’t tried it yet, or have a gander at its sister site Tropicana.

In addition to those two NJ online casinos, Zeus is also at these sites:

Gameplay: Zeus

If you are someone who enjoys a slot that focuses on the essence of slot gaming, spinning the reels to hit symbols rather than trying to activate bonus games, then the Zeus slot will certainly appeal to you.

There are those that will no doubt decry this slot for being too simple compared to big games packed with features, but every now and then it is good to get back to a game that offers you the basics.

It’s packaged neatly and attractively and offers you a fair chance at a decent win.

slots review NJ Zeus

The ability to select exactly how much to wager will help this slot appeal to a wide range of players. High rollers can attempt to win bigger prizes on it, and microstakes players can wager $0.30 at a time.

That’s not to say everything is hunky dory with this slot.

The graphics are somewhat dated and blurry. You can make out what is on the reels, but the quality of the graphics pales compared to some modern games.

Additionally, the sounds are simply the generic sounds of many WMS slots. That said, the thunderbolt noise when you land a scatter is a nice touch.

The base game is repetitive, and there isn’t much variation. However, unlike some free spins-based slots, you can win some big prizes in the Zeus base game by landing the Zeus symbol stacked on the first two or three reels.

Land these scattered symbols on the first three reels and the size of that win can be very large indeed. Four or more, and you could be looking at a massive win.

The wild symbol also works nicely in the base game and often helps you complete additional winning paylines.

Unlike some slots of this type, the amount you win on these spins is generally a decent sum, usually around your total stake or perhaps a little more. That makes this one of the best-value slots to play. Wins are pretty regular too, although most are smaller in value.

The free spins trigger is the thunderbolt scatter symbol, and you need three or more of these across the reels to trigger the free spins round.

Three symbols landed will trigger a free spins bonus round with 10 spins; four across the reels triggers a free spins round of 25; and if you can land one of the ultra rare five-scatter spins, then you’ll receive 100 free spins.

Some reviews have stated the wild symbol is stacked across the reels, but in the games I’ve reviewed, the only stacked symbol is the top-paying Zeus symbol, with the wilds being single symbols as all the others.

Special features: Zeus

Zeus symbols stacked

Zeus is stacked across the reels, and this can lead to some of the highest payouts in the game — both in the base game and in free spins.

Free spins

Land three or more of the thunderbolt scatter symbols across the reels and you can win 10, 25, or even 100 free spins. (The chances of striking the 100 free spins are incredibly slim.)

Wild symbol

The in-game wild symbol is easy to spot and can substitute for all the symbols on the reels (apart from the thunderbolt scatter) to help create a winning payline.

Zeus game review slots online NJ

What works?

Regular wins

With an RTP of around 96 percent, Zeus rewards users for playing relatively frequently. Smaller base game wins are the order of the day, and you don’t have to spin too long before you start to win relatively often.

These smaller wins are can be punctuated by some bigger wins too.

Zeus stacked wins

One of the best ways to earn a serious win is to land the stacked Zeus symbols on the first three or four reels.

This can result in some hefty wins as you trigger several paylines each of which offers an excellent payout.

Free spins round

The free spins round is a pleasing touch, as is offering a different number of spins depending on how many of the scatter symbols you land across the reels.

It would be lovely, however, if the 100 free spins could be triggered a little more easily.

What doesn’t?


This slot is starting to look its age.

The graphics are not the highest quality, and the sounds are entirely generic of the WMS stable of games. They don’t really help draw you into the game.

No multipliers

Perhaps the biggest and most disappointing omission from the slot is a lack of multipliers. There’s no multipliers in play on free spins, and that is frustrating at times.

Repetitive gameplay

While the gameplay on Zeus is generally absorbing and enjoyable, you will find Zeus quite repetitive after awhile. However, if you are winning regularly then that may not be a bad thing.

NJ online slots Zeus

The scores

[wp-review id=”6908″]

Graphics and soundtrack: 2/5

This is arguably the most unfortunate aspect of the Zeus slot. The graphics are extremely basic. There are also a couple of agreeable touches with the sound, but it is mostly generic slot sounds.

That doesn’t cut the mustard nowadays.

Originality and creativity: 2/5

This is a standard 5×3 reel, 30-payline slot with a wild symbol and a free spins round accessed by a scatter symbol. It is hardly the most original slot, but it is an enjoyable and fair gaming experience.

Play value: 4/5

This is where Zeus comes into its own.

Regular base game wins, a generous RTP for the player, and the chance of hitting some big wins using the Zeus stacked symbols or the free spins bonus round mean that this is game offers excellent value.

Jackpot potential: 3.5/5

Although the highest payline win is just 500 coins, you can trigger that on multiplier paylines. With the chance to land stacked Zeus symbols across the reels, this can result in some immense potential wins.

Repeat play: 3/5

It may play and look a tad plainly, but I think the Zeus slot offers a lovely balance for punters between risk and reward. The gameplay will certainly keep players spinning the reels.

Total score: 14.5/25

Although the hook of 100 free spins is so hard to hit, the Zeus slot plays fairly for players at legal NJ gambling websites.

With a generous RTP and the chance to land some great value wins in both free spins and the base game, this is a slot that will have you heading back to Mount Olympus for more.

If mythically-themed slots are as popular with you as they are with the general slots-consuming population, here are a few more you may like to try:

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