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Best mobile casino apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

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While playing poker and casino games on your home computer is a huge step into the future from having to physically go to card games and casinos to play, mobile gaming takes us a big step forward from that, where you can now play from anywhere and at any time you please.

Mobile gaming has been available for a few years now and while the industry has been a little slower to roll this out than you tend to see with apps generally, gambling with real money on the line there has been a greater emphasis on making sure that the software can reliably accommodate the needs of users, and we have moved well past this point now.

Most online gambling sites now offer access to their games with mobile devices, with the main focus being on the popular platforms of Apple iOS and Android devices. Some sites design separate ones for each platform, although we are now seeing single programs being written to accommodate both at some places.

NJ online casino apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Playing casino games on a phone has never really been much of a challenge since the action can be all easily displayed on the screen size that modern phones have. Slot games, in particular, have been very popular on mobile devices, due to the sheer simplicity of these games, or at least the simplicity that can be achieved with them.

Other casino games such as online blackjack and roulette can involve displaying more information, but still are manageable on a mobile device. With roulette in particular, as well as some other casino games, there can be a lot of different options, but this can still be handled well on even the smaller touch screens on a phone these days.

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NJ poker apps for iOS and Android devices

With poker, even though there is a fair bit of information on a screen for a single table, this isn’t a problem either. However, many players enjoy playing multiple tables at the same time, and this is much more of a challenge on mobile devices, due to physical limitations.

It is still possible to play multiple tables — or at least it is on select mobile apps — although on a much more limited scale than you can play on your home computer with its much larger screen.

To better accommodate players who wish for much faster action per table, some poker sites have come up with versions of fast-fold poker, where as soon as you fold your hand you are moved to another hand at another table, eliminating the delay between hands dealt to you while you watch other players play these hands out.

As you might imagine, this can prove to be a real boost to mobile poker players, as with this they can now see the action they desire without having to play multiple tables to achieve it. It’s just too bad that fast-fold games only get off irregularly on NJ online poker sites.

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NJ sportsbook apps for iOS and Android devices

Since NJ sports betting kicked off in June 2018, the market is a heavily mobile one. With eight NJ sportsbook apps available on both Android and iOS devices, bettors in the Garden State have a nearly limitless variety of apps, lines, and betting variety.

Unlike NJ online casino apps and online poker apps, NJ online sports betting may be ideally suited for mobile. Most of the eight sportsbooks in NJ offer a simple, easy-to-use interface that organizes bets by sport, type of bet, and promotions. A betting slip helps users see what bets they’ve placed.

Some sports betting apps are better than others, and DraftKings Sportsbook can easily be considered one of those. But all of them have their good points, which makes for a very competitive NJ mobile sportsbook market.

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FAQ for mobile online gambling in NJ

Why use a mobile online casino?

If you only like the most popular online slot games, or the most basic blackjack, roulette, or video poker, and you need the convenience of being able to jump on and do a little gambling from any location that has a wireless signal.

While play-money poker, Omaha and fast-fold games may not be available, tournament and cash game hold’em are easy to access on a simple handheld device.

What else is unique about using the mobile offering?

NJ mobile online gamblingMobile apps are generally easier to get running than computer applications. A simple install process gets everything working automatically, without needing to make certain a separate unrelated plug-in is running and other necessary permissions are granted to components like Flash or Java.

And overall the platform is more secure and stable from attacks, so you can be more confident your account will not be compromised (as long as you don’t let someone physically take the device from your hands.)

How many people are using the mobile apps?

It has been noted that in other markets, particularly Europe, that mobile gambling is gradually rising, but for the moment the NJ apps represent a small portion of the player base. As the selection of games as tables improves this is likely to change.

What smartphone or tablet do I need?

There are too many possible models of phones and tablets for the sites to maintain a complete list, but generally speaking as long as you are using a recent version of either the iOS or Android software your device should meet the minimum requirements to access these apps.

In a few cases, you may find your device has too small a screen or is below the necessary resolution for a particular game to run. If you see such an error message, it is likely that most of the other games offered by the same app will function fine.

What about Kindle?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets run on a modified version of Android and do not have access to the Google Play store, but as long as you have the “Apps from Unknown Sources” setting enabled you can install the app files downloaded directly from the websites. All of the Android casino and poker apps were confirmed to work on a recent model Kindle Fire.

What about geolocation?

Your smartphone or tablet has a built-in capacity to determine your geographical position so long as you have location services switched on in the settings. This is more than sufficient to confirm for the apps to determine you are in New Jersey.

Confirming your location appears to be one of the reasons just accessing the casinos through the mobile web browsers is a problem for most casinos, since the mobile browsers don’t support the usual plugins. It is far easier to build them into a native app. However, this problem is clearly surmountable since a few sites have managed to get it working.

What laws govern the use of the smartphone and tablet apps?

All of the same regulations that apply to regular online gaming are in effect for the mobile options. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has full authority to grant or restrict access to these apps, and has seen to it that the mobile games meet the same criteria to which the sites are usually subjected.

What if I am outside of NJ?

As noted in the above reviews, several of the apps allow access to the play-money games even if you are not in NJ at the moment. Actual installation of the programs and transferring money into and out of your accounts should be possible from anywhere; it is only playing the actual real-money games that your location must be in the state.

Are there any extra costs?

Not usually, transactions with the casinos and poker rooms are subject to the exact same rates as through other technologies.

However, if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection and you are using a 4G connection then your usual data costs from your carrier may apply. But please note that some of these sites will not allow this anyway; all the apps work over Wi-Fi but several are blocked from functioning on cellular data networks.

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