There are 8 casinos in Atlantic City. The hotels offered by these resorts range from 5-star luxury to basic economy. Prices during the week are substantially lower than weekends. The best nights in terms of price are usually Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday may be moderately expensive compared to early weekdays. Saturday is by far the most expensive night of the week in Atlantic City, followed by Friday.

We have compiled a list of the Atlantic City resort rates and other information. Atlantic City hotels must charge a $5 per night tourism tax as a resort fee in addition to standard hotel taxes. Tropicana and Caesars Entertainment hotels charge an additional $5 fee on top of the tourism tax.

Atlantic City Casinos and Hotel Prices


Bally’s is a 1,763-room hotel that was built in 1979. Bally’s is the most affordable Caesars Entertainment property in terms of hotel rates. Bally’s rooms start at $49 per night during the week. Friday nights are just $89, while Saturdays start at $149 per night. The summer peak season runs a bit higher, but Bally’s is one of the most affordable hotel options available.


Borgata is the largest hotel in New Jersey. It offers 2,802 rooms, including numerous suites. It was built in 2003 and is considered to be among the most luxurious in Atlantic City. Rooms at Borgata start at $89 per night during the week. Some busy weeks may see weekday rates as high as $189. Friday nights start at $189, while Saturdays start at $239. Peak weekdays start at $199. Friday nights can run as high as $349. Saturdays can be over $600 during peak season. Borgata offers many luxury suites with higher pricing and more amenities.


Caesars is the highest end casino out of the four Caesars Entertainment resorts in Atlantic City. The property opened in 1979. Its 1,158-room hotel rooms are generally double the price of Bally’s, Harrah’s and Showboat during the week. Weekend room rates are 50% higher than its sister properties in Atlantic City. The cheapest weeknights start at $95. Friday nights start at $109, but generally average about $140. Off peak Saturdays start at $159. Most Saturday night hotel rooms start at over $200.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget sits on the site of the former Trump Marina and Trump’s Castle. The 728-room hotel opened in June 1985. Weekday room rates start at $55. Friday nights are offered around $150, while Saturdays start in the mid $200 range.


Harrah’s opened in 1980. It offers 2,588 rooms to its guests. Most Sunday-Thursday nights are $55 per night. Fridays start at $99, while Saturday nights start at $149. Peak weekdays may break $100. Peak weekends close in on $400 per night.


Resorts was the first Atlantic City casino. It is one of the smallest hotels in the resort corridor. Resorts offers just 942 rooms. Resorts’ created an online partnership with PokerStars, the world’s largest and most respected online poker room.

Resorts International midweek rooms start at $39. Friday night hotel rooms may be reserved for $159, while Saturday nights start at $199.


Tropicana in Atlantic City is on the former site of the Ambassador Hotel, which was built in 1931. The Tropicana’s hotel is built with the steel of the original structure and opened in November 1981. Hotel rates start at $49 during the week and $99 on Friday nights. Saturday nights generally start at $209. The peak summer season can see these rates rise substantially. The Tropicana in Atlantic City is not owned by the same company that owns the property of the same name on the Las Vegas Strip. The Tropicana in Laughlin is owned by the Atlantic City group.

Trump Taj Mahal

Trump Taj Mahal opened in April 1990. Its 2,248-room hotel offers weeknights during the off peak season starting at $59. Fridays start at $109, while Saturday nights are available for $199 or more.

Shuttered Atlantic City Casinos

The following hotels closed in 2014.  The information is no longer valid and is only kept for historical purposes.

Atlantic Club

Atlantic Club went through some management changes before closing in January 2014. The Atlantic Club, now known as ACH, was once the Atlantic City Hilton and the Golden Nugget. The 801-room property has struggled but found a niche marketing itself as a locals’ casino. It was the first of its kind in the Atlantic City market. Atlantic Club is the only resort out of the 12 Atlantic City casinos that is positive in terms of gaming revenue versus 2012.

Atlantic Club was an acquisition target of PokerStars. The deal fell through and the contract terms may take a court order to resolve.

Atlantic Club hotel rooms start at $55 during the week. Friday night rooms at Atlantic Club are among the best deals in the market. Friday night rooms start at just $79 outside of the summer peak season. Even during peak times, visitors will find rooms under $100. Saturday nights start at just $150.


Revel opened in 2012. It closed in September 2014. It was Atlantic City’s newest resort. It filed for bankruptcy before its first anniversary and again in its second year. The 1,399-room hotel is often considered to be the most luxurious in Atlantic City. Weeknights start at $129. Friday nights start at $179, while Saturday nights begin at $249. Rates skyrocket during portions of the summer tourism season. Revel opened as Atlantic City’s only no smoking resort. The property has since abandoned that policy.


Showboat opened in April 1987. It is one of the newest Atlantic City casinos. The 1,331-room hotel offers players and guests one of the best deals available in Atlantic City. Showboat hotel nights start at $49. Fridays are still under $100 during the off peak season. Saturday nights are often $150 or less, except during the peak summer season. It closed in August 2014.

Trump Plaza

Trump Plaza opened in May 1984 and closed in September 2014. Its 906-room hotel offered $49 weekday rates, $99 rates on Fridays and a Saturday stay will start at $149. The Meruelo Group attempted to buy the property in 2013 but the property’s mortgage holder refused to sign off on the deal. Trump Plaza is by far the lowest grossing casino in Atlantic City in terms of gaming revenue.

Dining in Atlantic City

There are fewer than 40,000 people living in Atlantic City. However, the city is also a popular tourist destination that hosts over 30 million visitors each year. There are hundreds of excellent restaurants in the city. Here are some of the best places to check out according to Trip Advisor Atlantic City.

Borgata Buffet

The Borgata Buffet is one of Atlantic City’s most popular buffets. This eatery is located just a few minutes away from the Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa. The cost of a meal at the buffet is between $15 and $30, depending on customer age and the time of day.

There are a number of great items for any meal of the day. There are wonderful omelets during the day, great seafood and excellent prime rib. There are plenty of options for everybody, so this is a great place to bring your kids.

Noodles of the World

Noodles of the World provides a number of excellent Asian cuisines. The restaurant is less than 80 feet away from the Borgata Casino, so many patrons grab a bite after they need a break from the tables. They are known for many great Asian delicacies, including lobster fried rice, chicken pad thai and delectable watercress dumplings. The restaurant is so popular that it is even popping in the early hours of the morning.

Dock’s Oyster House

Dock’s Oyster House is one of Atlantic City’s finest seafood restaurants. Dock’s has been in business for over a hundred years and still ranked the best restaurant in the city, according to a review from Trip Advisor. This is a great place to dine if you want to eat fried shrimp, clam chowder and potato crusted chowder.

Chef Vola’s

Chef Vola’s is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Atlantic City. The restaurant is known for its fine veal parmesan, delicious macaroni dishes, great clam sauce and spectacular red wines. You will need to schedule a reservation about a month in advance, but almost every patron has said that it is worth the wait.


The Gilchrist offers a number of fine American breakfast and brunch cuisines. The food isn’t too fancy, but most people still feel the food is exceptional. According to TripAdvisor, 95% of people recommended it, with 87% rating the food as “exceptional.” They have great pancakes, eggs and other all American breakfast and brunch foods.


Kelsey’s also offers great American meals. They offer a number of great breakfast and brunch options. Their bottomless mimosas are one of the most popular items on their menu. They also have some of the tastiest crab cakes in the city. The owner is also very friendly and tries to introduce herself to every customer.


Capriccio’s is a great Italian restaurant off of the boardwalk near Resorts Casino Hotel. They have a very wide range of options: prime rib, Branzini and caviar. You can also top off your meal with any of their exquisite desserts, such as their seven-layer chocolate cake. Capiccio’s specializes in Italian dishes, but chefs can also prepare Chinese cuisines. Over 90% of Capiccio’s customers recommend the restaurant to their friends.


The Amada has some of the tastiest Spanish dishes in Atlantic City. The restaurant sells some great ham croquettes, lamb meatballs and Caldo Gallego (white bean soup). They also sell some of sweetest sangria in New Jersey. The atmosphere is also very pleasant, but may be a better fit for young adults than families with young children.

Morton’s Steakhouse

Every steak lover should try to buy a meal at Morton’s steakhouse. They have some of the reddest meats that you have ever tasted. Whether you want to eat their tender steak, sea bass, pork or their delectable chicken, you won’t be disappointed. The food is a little pricey, but it is well worth the cost if you aren’t traveling on a budget.

Tony Baloney’s

Tony Baloney’s is another great Italian restaurant. Many people have said that the restaurant makes some of the best pizza they have ever had. The cheesesteaks are also worth trying. It is no surprise that the restaurant was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2013. This restaurant stands out nicely in one of the less prominent parts of the city.

Atlantic City History

New Jersey voters amended the State Constitution in 1976 to allow casino style gambling.  It became the second state after Nevada to legalize casinos.  They were restricted to Atlantic City.  No other parts of the state could build casinos.

On May 28, 1978, Resorts International opened as the first casino in Atlantic City.  There are currently 12 hotel casinos located in the resort city.  Borgata is by far the biggest winner in terms of casino revenue.  It was built in 2003.  Only one casino has been built since Borgata.  Revel opened in March 2012.  It fell into bankruptcy within a year after it failed to attract gamblers with its attempt to be a resort first and casino second.

New Jersey has fallen on hard times as neighboring state have legalized casinos.  Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun began drawing gamblers from New York City in 1992.  Today, casinos are now found in all states that border New Jersey.  This has forced New Jersey out of the second place spot in terms of gaming revenue.  Pennsylvania now has that honor.

New Jersey legalized sports betting in January 2012 after voters passed a nonbinding referendum instructing the New Jersey Legislature to pass it.  The major sports leagues took issue with this.  New Jersey was not exempted under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).  Even Delaware, which was exempted under PASPA, lost its own fight with the sports leagues in 2009 and was forced to only offer parlay cards.

The fight between New Jersey and the sports leagues is still being heard by the courts.  In the meantime, New Jersey legalized fantasy sports betting in April 2013.  This action was not challenged by the sports leagues.  Fantasy sports betting has is not live in any Atlantic City casino.

Governor Christie signed online gambling into law on February 26, 2013.  This legalized online poker and casino games in the State.  Any player located within New Jersey at the time of login will be able to play interactive real money games.

Governor Christie had twice vetoed legislation before finally signing it into law.  In March 2011, Governor Christie outright vetoed similar legislation after citing that he felt it would take a change to the New Jersey Constitution to allow gambling outside of Atlantic City, regardless of where the actual servers were located.

On February 7, 2013, Governor Christie apparently changed his mind.  While he still vetoed the bill in front of him, it was only a conditional one.  He instructed the legislature to raise the tax rate from 10% to 15% and add more funds to the problem gambling services provided under the law.  The legislature approved his wishes.

New Jersey online gaming brings in about $10 million per month in revenue.  About three-quarters of this is from casino games.

New Jersey online casinos and poker rooms launched on November 21, 2013.  Atlantic City’s struggles affected the gaming sites.  Ultimate Gaming was forced to leave the market after Trump Entertainment, its Atlantic City partner, filed for bankruptcy.  Betfair moved its partnership to Golden Nugget’s license after Trump Plaza filed for bankruptcy.

Atlantic City saw its worst year ever in 2014.  That is when Trump Plaza, Revel, Showboat and Atlantic Club permanently closed its doors during 2014.