NJ Mobile Online Casinos: Reviews And FAQ

We have completed a comprehensive analysis of all mobile iGaming offerings from legal NJ online casinos for various smartphone and tablets. Below find a comparison of features and available game options for mobile online casino play, and answers to some questions about the apps.

Click here for a breakdown of NJ’s mobile poker apps. Looking for bonus information? Review our list of all current NJ online casino bonuses.

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NJ iGaming mobile options

Which New Jersey casinos offer apps for iOS and Android?

The table below breaks down which NJ online casinos offer a dedicated app for iOS, Android, or a browser-based version that can be played on a mobile device without downloading an app.

Mobile Casino AppsiOSIOS sizeAndroidAndroid sizeWeb
Golden NuggetYes6.4Yes10.6Yes
Harrah's Yes5.0No-No
888 Casino Yes4.9No-No
PartyPoker CasinoYes7.7Yes8.3No
Borgata Casino Yes7.5Yes8.4No
Mohegan Sun CasinoYes11.4Yes25.06Yes
Resorts CasinoYes6.0Yes25.02Yes

What games are available on NJ online casino mobile apps?

The table below offers a snapshot of the games that are available on the iOS, Android, and browser-based versions of the online casinos powered by New Jersey’s licensed land-based operators as of our last update.

 IOS GamesAndroid GamesSlotsJackpot SlotsBlackjackRouletteOther Table GamesVideo PokerWeb Games
Golden Nugget1041049102101244
Harrah's 1007210000
888 Casino 1007210000
PartyPoker Casino212116111030
Pala 0.01910051030
Borgata Casino 222216111040
Resorts Casino4949430510449
Mohegan Sun Casino4949430510449

Who can play NJ online casino apps?

Do you have to be in New Jersey to play a mobile casino app? Do you need to create an account before being able to play for free at a NJ online casino? The table below offers a quick look at the policies on these and similar questions at the licensed online casinos in New Jersey.

 Real MoneyFree PlayNo RegistrationFree Play Outside NJ
Golden Nuggetyesyesyesyes
Harrah's yesyesyesyes
888 Casino yesyesyesyes
PartyPoker Casinoyesnonono
Borgata Casino yesnonono
Pala yesno*nono
Mohegan Sun Casinoyesyesyesyes
Resorts Casinoyesyesyesyes

NJ mobile gambling apps: the big picture

So far no mobile casino offers an equal experience to the laptop and desktop versions. The usual promotions and rewards programs apply, but there is a significantly decreased list of available games.

Using a touch interface will feel more fluid to some players but less reliable to others. The main appeal is the convenience of being able to access your favorite games on a device that is portable and easily carried, and probably always with you.

Generally all of the online casino apps function very similarly to one another with little variety, but we’ll try to break down the key differences.

NJ mobile casinos: snapshots

BetfairCasino.com App for iOS

Betfair offers a small but functional app with few features. They were in the middle of the road in terms of game selection, and didn’t have any play-money options.

The thing that stuck out the most about Betfair was the extremely long wait for the Help Desk.

In testing these apps we evaluated the tech support along everything else, and for the most part they all came out even in terms of service; with Betfair the Live Chat option was on a significant delay, so though the app ran smoothly on all tested tablets it would be very frustrating to have to wait if one had an atypical installation problem.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget has produced a very good mobile offering.

There is a great selection of games that adequately reflects the site’s usual experience, and a wide array of features. Golden Nugget allows for play through a smartphone web browser in demo mode but you will need to download the app for real money.

Caesars mobile online casino

Caesars’ mobile version excels in every regard. The software runs smoothly and takes up little space.

Caesars also had by far the widest selection of table games and the most progressive slots. It was the only casino besides Golden Nugget to have a working option of playing through the tablet browser instead of the app.

The parent company is part of the best hotel network, and games played on your phone continue to earn you points in their Total Rewards program.

An odd twist with the Caesar’s mobile app is that free play becomes unavailable when you are logged into your account. If you are unregistered or when you stay logged out of your account you can use play money at any of the games.

Harrahs NJ mobile app

This is tied with 888 for the definitely worst selection of games – only nine slots and a single blackjack game. These were also the only two casinos with no video poker.

Their apps are also iOS only, with no word on when an Android or mobile browser version will be available (although they insist Android is eventually coming).

The only real benefit to the Harrah’s mobile app is that you are continuing to accrue the same points for the Total Rewards program that you would be if you used the regular site with a computer, but again this is also true of the Caesars app which has the very best selection of games.

888 mobile app

888 has the exact same weak selection as Harrah’s, because it is the same app with a different name.

The key difference between the two is that with 888 you aren’t in the Total Rewards program, but you are using the same account as with 888 Poker, so people who have chosen that as their preferred poker room can just focus on having only one account. That is a niche audience, but for them this is the correct app to choose.

Another thing to remember is that 888 and Harrah’s do not have the live help support that most of the other sites offered, although the email tech support did answer technical questions in a timely manner.

Tropicana online mobile

The Tropicana app is virtually indistinguishable from the Virgin app with only one regard: Tropicana has indicated that it will have a mobile web version available soon allowing users to access their casino on tablets and smartphones without installing the app.

Since the software is identical between Tropicana and Virgin there is no reason to think both won’t get this feature, but only Tropicana has so far made a statement to this effect.

Virgin mobile app

The Virgin casino app is average in terms of games and features. Interface is clean, but the installed size is a bit large.

This app is one of only two that have a downloadable games option for the iOS app. This is the only way to play blackjack or roulette on your Apple device.

These downloadable games are also the reason Virgin (and Tropicana) are the only online casinos to have a significant difference in the total number of games available between the Android and iOS versions. The software functions well, but the app size is disproportionate to the game variety.

Party Casino app

There is little to say about PartyPoker’s casino. It’s small. It runs slightly more stable than most. It seems to be designed to be as inauspicious and unambitious as possible, but it’s still superior to 888 and Harrah’s (and unlike them is available on Android.)

Party Casino is light on table games. It has a decent array of slots but currently only one jackpot slot. A few games, like the Live Roulette, appear to be available on mobile but do not appear to show up in the app.

Borgata Casino mobile

The Borgata and Party Poker mobile casino apps were built to be identical. The non-mobile versions of the two casinos are extremely similar and have mostly the same games but vary in a few cases, but on iOS and Android the games list is usually exactly the same.

The only difference is that on occasion Borgata has featured one additional video poker game that PartyPoker has lacked.

Unless video poker is your only interest in an online casino, then (as with Harrah’s and 888) you should probably just choose whichever site has the promotions that are more appealing.

Resorts Casino mobile app

Online newcomer Resorts Casino has only just become available and so they have not completed their iOS software though it should be ready very soon. However the site itself boasts an incredible number of games, and on Android this is represented by their having significantly more slots than any other offering (although no progressive jackpots on the app, yet).

Table games are somewhat light, but we can expect more to come and this app packs all the features one could want. Only Caesars and Golden Nugget can rival it for options.

Resorts has also been the means by which PokerStars returned to the U.S. in March 2016. It’s a safe bet that that this site and its app will remain one of the best possible choices. PokerStars and its sister site Full Tilt were approved by New Jersey regulators on September 30, 2015.

Pala Online Casino app

Pala’s regular site has potential, but the mobile version is very lacking. There is only Android software at this time so iPhone and iPad players are out of luck.

That Android program will take up more than 150 megs of storage space, many times larger than any other app we’ve seen. And despite tying Caesars for the most blackjack options, Pala boasts the third smallest selection of games available.

Free play is unavailable, but it is worth noting that Pala does offer daily free spins as one of its regular promotions.

Should you be on a device with ample extra storage, the free spins alone make it worth having the Pala app. Otherwise save the space for something else.


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