DraftKings Championship Series 2020

draftkings championship series Season 1

With the NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA and NFL all back in action in 2020, Season 1 of the DraftKings Championship Series is back on! You can now participate on the DraftKings Fantasy platform via two distinct channels:

  • 4 Major Online Fantasy Championships (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf) + qualifiers
  • $2 Million Pro Football Pick’em National Championship ($1M top prize)

Here are the announced dates for the new online fantasy championships and Pro Football Pick’em.

Coming Soon:

$12.5 Million Fantasy Football World Championship

DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championships

  • Date: Dec. 20, 2020
  • Prize Pool: $12.5 million
  • Winner Share: $2.5 million
  • Qualifiers: 200

It’s been anything but a standard NFL season but the Fantasy Football warriors on DraftKings have found a way to plunge ahead and put their best teams forward every week.

Many of them have already qualified for the upcoming Fantasy Football World Championship but there’s still room for a few more.

Qualifying is open via weekly NFL fantasy contest on DraftKings all the way until Week 14 – up to 9 spots available for each player!

$2 Million Pro Football Pick’em National Championship

DraftKings Pro Football Pick'emCompete all season for the Pro Football Pick’em Championship but the $1 million first-place prize should be ample reward for your efforts. Buy-in is a not-so-little $1,500 but if you have what it takes to pick 5 NFL games correctly each week, the payoff will be substantial. Pick all 5 games right in a week and get a Perfect Week cash bonus, too. Here’s the info:

  • Dates: Weeks 1-16
  • Total Prizes: $2 Million
  • First Place: $1 Million
  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Weekly Picks: 5

See full details and register to play right here:

Finished Events:

$4 Million Online Fantasy Basketball Championship

draftkings fantasy basketball world championshipSince the NBA restart Fantasy users have been vying to qualify for a spot in the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. $4 million in total prizes will be distributed to to the best-of-the-best who qualify through daily fantasy contest on DraftKings. Here are the details for the FBWC:

  • Dates: August 17 & 18, 2020
  • Total Prizes: $4 Million
  • First Place: $500,000
  • Total qualifiers: 100
  • Live Streams: Twitch and YouTube

See full details and register to play/qualify right here:

$1.5 Million Online Fantasy Baseball World Championship

DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World ChampionshipThe MLB season may be shorter but the prizes for winning the 2020 Fantasy Baseball World Championship are still big. Qualify via daily MLB contests on DraftKings to claim you seat. Details:

  • Dates: Sept. 18, 2020
  • Total Prizes: $1.5 Million
  • First Place: $500,000
  • Total qualifiers: 50
  • Live Streams: Twitch and YouTube

See full details and register to play/qualify right here:

$1.5 Million Online Fantasy Golf World Championship

DraftKings Fantasy Golf World ChampionshipThe Masters is now the final golf major of the season but if play at the PGA Championship is any indication, the battle for the Green Jacket will be as intense as any year. Claim your seat in the 2020 Fantasy Baseball Golf Championship via weekly PGA Fantasy contests on DraftKings. Details for the FGWC:

  • Dates: Nov 12-15, 2020
  • Total Prizes: $1.5 Million
  • First Place: $500,000
  • Total qualifiers: 200
  • Live Streams: Twitch and YouTube

Qualifying Details:

Oct. 22-25: Playdown Round 1: 200 players compete for a shot to move on to Round 2
Oct. 29 – Nov. 1: Playdown Round 2: The 100 remaining players compete again for spot in Online Final
Nov. 12-15: Online Final: Top 40 players compete for $500,000 top prize 2020 Fantasy Golf World Championship

There will be a multi-day live stream on Twitch and YouTube where players can tune in to follow along.

Official update from DraftKings as of April 13:

“Unfortunately, due to escalating health concerns related to COVID-19 and guidance from government agencies, among others, DraftKings has decided to cancel the Sports Betting Spring Championship and suspend the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. While DraftKings wants to hold the FBWC at a later date if and when NBA play resumes, DraftKings cannot provide any further details until we learn more about the NBA’s decision.”

In its early days as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider, DraftKings made a huge splash by offering high-stakes live fantasy events with big payouts. With low-stakes qualifiers spread across a wide range of daily fantasy contests, DraftKings provided players a unique shot at testing their skills in thrilling live games and the opportunity to score a significant payout, too.

Now DraftKings has sports betting in its arsenal, and it’s upping its contest game for both DFS players and sports bettors with its 2020 DraftKings Championship Series.

All told, the series will feature 40+ events across both sports betting and DFS with prize money that could top $100 million. The 2020 DraftKings Championship Series includes:

  • 3 live Sports Betting Championships.
  • 6 live Fantasy Championships.
  • 5 online Fantasy Championships.
  • 30 online Fantasy Millionaire events.

DraftKings Sports Betting Championship Series

draftkings championship seriesThe DraftKings Sports Betting Championship Series (SBCS) consists of three events throughout 2020:

  • Spring Sports Betting Championship (Now cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Fall Sports Betting Championship
  • National Sports Betting Championship

Bettors can enter any of the Championship events via direct buy-in or can qualify for the sports betting live events via DFS qualifiers.

While DraftKings’ sports betting live events will be in New Jersey, the DFS events (both live and qualifiers) are open to those residing in any legal DFS jurisdictions, currently including 40-plus states.

No matter which state you qualify from, you will need to be in New Jersey for the Sports Betting Championship events. This rule includes whether you are attending the tournament headquarters in NJ or in some other part of NJ.

The Fall and National Championship dates and locations have yet to be announced. We expect to see similar qualifying, entry options and direct buy-in fees for those events.

Be on the lookout for DraftKings’ DFS qualifiers or a random sports betting pool contest in order to qualify for entry. Qualifier fees range from $50-$150.

If you fail to gain entry via a contest, you can sign up for direct buy-in.

DraftKings Sports Betting Spring Championship 2020 (Note: Now Cancelled)

The sports betting spring championship is DraftKings’ second big-money contest.

draftkings spring sports betting championshipIn January 2019, DraftKings held its first sports betting championship in Weehawken, NJ. The total prize pool was $2.5 million, with more than $1 million to the winner.

The upcoming spring championship will feature a smaller total prize pool ($1.5 million) and first-place prize ($500,000) than last year. However, it’s merely the first of three sports betting contests that DraftKings will host over the next 12 months.

There will be a fall championship built around football and a national championship to follow.

While the inaugural DraftKings sports betting championship in January 2019 had a time frame that featured the NFL divisional playoff games, the contest format allowed for the entire DraftKings sports betting menu to be in play during the tournament.

The 2020 spring championship’s betting menu will dramatically change as it will be limited to basketball, specifically, betting on pro basketball games and the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament’s first- and second-round games.

Over four days, a total of 28 pro and 48 college games will be available for betting during the spring contest.

Though the overall prize pool will be smaller than January 2019’s, there’s still plenty of cash up for grabs. A total prize pool of $1.5 million (assumes 535 entrants) will go to the top 25 finishers as follows:

  • First place: $500,000
  • Second place: $250,200
  • Third place: $150,120
  • Fourth place: $100,080
  • Fifth place: $75,060
  • Sixth-seventh place: $50,040
  • Eighth-10th place: $35,028
  • 11th-15th place: $20,016
  • 16th-20th place: $14,011.20
  • 21st-25th place: $10,008

Be part of DraftKings Sports Betting Spring Championship

draftkings championship qualifiersYou can “skip the line” and obtain entry via a direct buy-in. The buy-in for the spring championship costs $5,000, and any interested parties should email DraftKings at [email protected] to receive more information.

The other way to gain entry is via one of the DFS qualifiers. If you win a DFS qualifier, it will cover the $5,000 tournament entry fee. It also includes a four-night hotel stay and $1,000 for travel expenses.

Here’s a rundown on how the four-day SBSC tournament will work:

  • Each player will start with a $2,000 sports betting bankroll.
  • Only pro and college men’s basketball wagers are allowed.
  • Players must bet at least $1,000 across the four days to be eligible to win leaderboard prizes.
  • Players with the highest bankrolls at the end of the tournament will share the leaderboard prizes.
  • All players take home their final bankroll.
  • One entry per player.
  • Players can bet from anywhere in the state of New Jersey. There will also be a VIP Sportsbook venue in Weehawken, NJ.

How to qualify for DraftKings SBC from New York

Given that the 2020 DraftKings SBSC is directly across the Hudson River from NYC, it’s a natural fit for players from New York to try to qualify and enter. As mentioned above, you can enter the spring sports betting championship in two ways:

  • Qualify via DFS feeder tournament
  • Buy in directly for $5,000

bet on sports from new yorkNew York currently does not offer online sports betting but you can play DFS. To set up a new DraftKings DFS account, use our link below:

If you simply want to bet on sports from New York, you can do that by downloading the DraftKings app at home in New York, funding your account, and then simply crossing the border into New Jersey to place your bets.

If you plan on buying in directly for the DraftKings spring sports betting championship, it’s a good idea to set your account up ahead of time and have it loaded and ready for play on March 21. You can do that directly from New York.

DraftKings Sports Betting Fall Championship

The fall championship date and location have yet to be announced; however, we expect it to likely focus on college football betting and pro football betting.

DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship

The 2020 national sports betting championship is also not yet finalized, although we expect a similar format like the spring and fall championships. However, the national tourney will have a bigger guaranteed prize pool and winner’s share on the line ($1 million).

draftkings national championshipThe first-ever DraftKings SBNC was held in January 2019 during NFL divisional weekend. Randy Lee, a 32-year-old poker dealer from New Jersey, took home first prize in 2019, topping a field of 260 entries to win more than $1.15 million in total prize money.

The contest was not without controversy. On the final day, the LA-New England game, which started at 1:05 p.m. EST, took a long time to wrap up. So much so, it nearly overlapped with the Philadelphia-New Orleans game, which was slated to start at 4:40 p.m. EST.

This created an issue for some players. Some of the winning wagers from the first game were not “graded” in time, so players couldn’t roll their winnings into the start of the second game.

DraftKings DFS Fantasy Championships

The year 2020 is also shaping up to be a significant one on DraftKings’ daily fantasy contest slate. The DFS season will be capped off with the $1 million fantasy sports championship at the 2021 Big Game in Tampa, FL.

Along the way, there are 40 qualifying events where each winner earns an entry to compete in the DFS championship. The 40 DFS events are as follows:

  • 30 fantasy millionaire championships.
  • 5 online fantasy championships.
  • 5 live fantasy championships.

Most dates and locations are still to be announced; here’s what’s upcoming:

draftkings league of legends fantasyNew! 2020 $400,000 DFS Fantasy League of Legends Championship

  • Online Championship
  • $400,000 in cash prizes
  • $100,000 to winner + 1 ticket to the 2021 Tournament of Champions in Tampa ($25k value)
  • $555 per entry
  • Limited lower buy-in satellites
  • Date: Late May/Early June

Claim your $20 free and register for the LoL Fantasy Championship now

Previously announced dates:

  • March 21: 2020 Fantasy Basketball World Championship, Weehawken, NJ; $4 million guaranteed; 100 qualifiers (Note: Now postponed due to COVID-19)
  • March 24: 2020 Fantasy Hockey Online Championship (To be rescheduled)
  • March 25: 2020 Fantasy Basketball Online Championship (To be rescheduled)
  • April 9: Fantasy Golf Millionaire (To be rescheduled)
  • April 9: Fantasy Golf Mega Millionaire (To be rescheduled)
  • May 14: Fantasy Golf Millionaire
  • June 18: Fantasy Golf Millionaire
  • July 16: Fantasy Golf Millionaire
  • Aug. 13-16: Fantasy Golf World Championship

Online Fantasy Millionaire events run frequently throughout the year; claim $20 free and enter any or all Fantasy Millionaire DFS events via the link below:

Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Eligibility Restrictions apply. See DraftKings.com for details. Sportsbook: 21+. NJ/WV/PA Only.

DraftKings sports betting championship FAQ

Each player starts with a $2,000 sports betting bankroll. Players must bet at least $1,000 across the four days to be eligible to win leaderboard prizes. Players with the highest bankrolls at the end of the tournament will share the leaderboard prizes.

Yes, each player gets to keep whatever bankroll remains at the end of the tournament.

In 2019, there were 260 entrants in the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship; however, the number of entries in the 2020-21 tournament is unknown. For the spring event, the prize-money pool is based on 535 entries.

Direct buy-in for the spring DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship will cost $5,000. You can get more information regarding the direct buy-in via email at [email protected].

Yes, each tournament is separate, though the sports betting spring championship qualifiers include DFS contests.

Randy Lee, who played under the name “rleejr86,” took home $1 million, plus the winnings in his bankroll, and the honor of being the first-ever to win the SBNC.

The sports betting championship consists of picking the winning side or total of a specific game. DFS players establish a mythical roster, based on individual player salaries, with players earning points for scoring and other offensive and defensive statistics throughout a single day’s sporting events.

No, you must physically be in New Jersey to participate in the tournament. While there is a VIP sportsbook venue in Weehawken, NJ, you don’t have to be there for the entire duration of the competition, but you must be in New Jersey.

There are no max bet limits. The only conditions require a minimum of $1,000 wagered over the four days of the DraftKings sports betting championship.

There will be a total of 76 basketball games to bet on during DraftKings’ spring sports betting championship. There will be 48 NCAA Tournament games to bet on and 28 NBA games running over the four days.

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