Super Bowl Betting Guide

In the US, gridiron football is king. The marquee event for football each year is the NFL’s championship game, the Super Bowl.

The 2019 edition of the annual contest will occur on Feb. 3. The champions from the AFC and NFC will meet at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

No other event garners more sports bets than the Super Bowl. This year should set a new standard for wagering, as there are now eight states (including a tribal casino in New Mexico) offering sports betting.

Of the new states to the sports betting party, New Jersey is the most successful of the bunch in terms of revenue and market size.

So, here is a handy guide for folks in the Garden State who want to bet on Super Bowl LIII.

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Where to bet on the Super Bowl in New Jersey

NJ sports betting is home to 12 online and 10 land-based sportsbooks. And all of them have some form of Super Bowl betting options. Not to mention, the retail books have some fun events planned at Atlantic City casinos.

The 11 online sportsbooks are:

The 10 retail sportsbooks are:

  • William Hill Sports Bar at Monmouth Park
  • FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands
  • Borgata Race & Sports Bar
  • Harrah’s Sportsbook
  • The Sportsbook at Golden Nugget
  • DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts
  • Wild Wild West Sportsbook at Bally’s
  • William Hill Sportsbook at Ocean Resort
  • William Hill Sportsbook at Tropicana
  • Hard Rock Sportsbook

Super Bowl 2019 current odds at NJ sportsbooks

The following table lists the current moneyline odds for the Super Bowl at eight NJ online sports betting apps. Odds are as of Friday, Feb. 1.

NFL TeamDraftKingsBetStarsFanDuelCaesars888 SportSugarHouseWilliam Hill NJplayMGM
Los Angeles Rams+118+120+116+120+115+115+120+118
New England Patriots-137-137-132-145-139-139-140-138

And here’s a thorough look at Super Bowl 2019 betting options via

Super Bowl 2019 game details


Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots


Feb. 3, 2019


Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Kickoff time

6:30 p.m. ET

Where to watch

Live on CBS and streamed live on CBS All Access

How much money will be bet on Super Bowl 53?

It is one of the biggest sports betting events of the year, if not THE biggest. But Super Bowl 2019 may be the biggest yet thanks to the spread of legal betting options in the US. New Jersey’s market is the fastest growing of them all.

Watch and learn from the experts at and the PlayUSA network.

Different types of possible wagers on the Super Bowl

Even though the Super Bowl is a single game, sportsbooks are likely to create a slew of wagering options for the game. There are several common types of wagers that bettors may see as options for betting on the big game.

Point spreads

Point spreads are the most commonly used type of wager. By and large, they are also the wagering method familiar to most people.

Essentially, sportsbooks endeavor to issue predictions about the eventual winner of the game. More importantly, they also designate the expected margin of victory.

Bettors then have two options. They can wager that the favorite will win by a greater margin than the spread, which is known as “beating the spread.”

Alternatively, players can bet that the underdog will lose by less than the established margin, or win outright. If this occurs, the underdog is said to have “covered the spread.”

There will certainly be a point spread for the Super Bowl. It just depends on which two teams find their way to the game.


The moneyline is a common form of sports bet. In fact, most professional wagering sites use the moneyline as the basis for their predictions and other calculations.

A sportsbook denotes the moneyline for a particular game by issuing three-digit numbers for both teams. The sign of the number by each team’s name determines its meaning.

If a moneyline is negative (i.e., -210), then the number is the amount a bettor must wager to win $100. If a moneyline is positive (i.e., +190), then the number is the payout amount for a $100 bet.

Sportsbooks will absolutely have a moneyline for the Super Bowl. Patrons who planned to bet for their sentimental favorite anyway might gravitate toward this betting type.


Totals are the other sports bet that most people know. These bets are often called the over/under.

For a totals bet, an NJ sportsbook will estimate the total number of points that both teams will combine to score. Once that point is established, players bet whether they believe the actual total will be over or under the given estimate, hence the bet’s common nickname.

A player who wishes to bet on totals would do well to study the prospective offensive and defensive outputs of both teams. An explosive offense could be a boon for the over bettors, while a stingy defense could reward the under wagers.


Futures bets are usually longer-term bets than the Super Bowl will offer. A future bet tends to be related to the outcome of an entire season, be it for a team or individual player.

Usually, these bets are given in straight odds. The specified event will pay according to its likelihood of occurrence.

With that said, bettors who took one of the two teams that appear in the Super Bowl might be hoping to cash in on a futures bet. It is likely that they made a bet at the beginning of the season, and are only one game from their wish coming true.


Propositions, or “prop” bets, typically involve events that are ancillary to the actual gameplay. Rather than a bet about the outcome of the game, they deal with side activities like the result of the coin toss, or the length of the halftime performance.

The nice thing about prop bets is that, unlike other types of wagers, they require little knowledge or study. Instead, they are more of a straight gamble.

Prop bets are also a more fun bet than the others and create drama around seemingly insignificant events. However, whenever gamblers tell stories about bets they’ve won and lost, the story invariably revolves around some prop bet.

No other bet is worth the telling.


Parlays are merely combination bets of one or more of the above betting types. The defining characteristic of this bet type is multiple events must occur for a decision on the bet.

Each of these events is called a “leg” of the parlay. The payout for a parlay is the result of how many legs are in the bet.

Parlays pay quite well. A single-digit wager could potentially yield thousands of dollars in winnings.

There’s always a catch, though, and the catch for parlay bets is that every single leg of the bet must come true for the bet to pay. If even one leg fails, the entire ticket loses.

For this reason, many experienced bettors consider parlays to be a sucker bet. However, they can be a lucrative payday if a bettor has the right instinct about a few outcomes.