PointsBet, which launched in Australia in 2017, opened its NJ online sports betting site in December 2018 via its partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack.

PointsBet Sportsbook offers traditional fixed odds markets and a unique PointsBetting feature, in which the wins or losses aren’t fixed, but depend on how correct (or incorrect) your bet is. PointsBetting is available on US sports including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and a wide selection of global sporting events.

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The first $500 bet can be used for traditional betting. The other half can be used for PointsBetting, the unique format of wagering at PointsBet NJ.

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Limited-time promotions

NBA Playoffs: Early Payout

At PointsBet, if your selected team is winning after three quarters, customers will get paid out instantly (first $100 stacked). This offer applies to pregame moneyline bets only. All winning bets over $100 will be paid in full at the end of the contest. But note: Bonus bets and parlays are excluded.

Harden + Curry Super Booster

Two of the NBA’s biggest stars are going head to head in a critical Game 6. All-Stars James Harden and the Houston Rockets are taking on Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. PointsBet Sportsbook has a super booster at the ready: Curry and Harden to combine for 70-plus points (was paying -105, now paying +140). Max bet is $100.

Golf: Matched Bonus Bet

The PGA Championship, the second of four majors on the tour, is less than a week away. And PointsBet Sportsbook is offering customers a matched bonus bet. All it takes to earn it is a wager on the Byron Nelson Championship taking place through Sunday. It will come in the form of up to a $25 matched in-play bonus.

Editor’s review

PointsBet NJ Sportsbook
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  • Bonus


PointsBet joined the NJ online sports betting crowd in December. Known for its unique PointsBetting system and its ease of use, PointsBet offers New Jersey bettors a wide range of betting options and sports, including Aussie rules football and rugby. While the software lacks a little something and the deposit options are limited, the site makes up for it in quantity.

PointsBet’s advantages

The sportsbook offers a multitude of betting options within each game as well as an exclusive PointsBetting option.

PointsBet will make good karma payouts as the situation warrants. The book gained publicity by paying out New Orleans Saints moneyline bettors after a referee’s missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship game.

PointsBet will allow you to cancel your wager within 15 minutes after placing it.

PointsBet offers unique promotions, including paying out full game moneyline wagers on select games if your team is leading at halftime.

If there is a market that is not currently onsite (for the current sport/event), you can tweet @PointsBetUSA and hashtag “nameabet,” and PointsBet will price it.

PointsBet also offers a cash-out option to settle a bet before the game ends to lock in winnings or cut your losses.

PointsBet’s drawbacks

Currently, PointsBet offers a limited number of deposit options; the most significant is PayPal and wire transfers. Also, because there is not a brick-and-mortar location for PointsBet, there is no direct cash at the counter option.

Parlays are available but capped at a maximum of 12 events.

There do not appear to be any teaser or round robin options.

While PointsBet will attract those that are seeking the major payday, the high-risk, high-reward feature may be intimidating to new players. There is a stop-loss feature to limit the amount that one can lose or win.

Download PointsBet’s NJ sports betting app

In addition to desktop access, there is a PointsBet mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download the PointsBet app and get up to $1,000 in risk-free bets!

PointsBet NJ’s sports offerings

PointsBet covers the major US pro and college sports and has extensive coverage of international soccer. Also, staying true to its Australian roots, PointsBet does offer markets on Aussie rules football, cricket as well as darts and rugby.

The list of markets you can bet on include:

  • Aussie rules football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Entertainment (e.g., Academy Awards)
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby union
  • Soccer
    • England: Premier League, League 1 & 2 and FA Cup
    • Germany: Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2; DFB Pokal
    • France: Ligue 1 & 2; French Cup
    • Italy Series A & B
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Greece
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • US Major League Soccer
  • Tennis

Bet types

PointsBet offers something for all its customers, from fixed odds to the exclusive PointsBetting formats.

Fixed odds


A moneyline bet is a wager on a team to win the game outright. Because it’s rare that two teams are rated equally by oddsmakers, you are required to pay a premium to wager on the better team in a given matchup. Conversely, a book will be incentivizing a bet on the worse team with higher potential returns.

For example, if Team X is a -300 favorite on the moneyline, you would have to wager $3 to earn a profit of $1 (for a total return of $4 — the original stake plus winnings). On the other hand, if Team X is a +300 underdog on the moneyline, the same $3 bet would result in a $9 profit (for a total return of $12 when factoring in the $3 stake).

Spread betting

The spread (also known as the side) is the method oddsmakers use to equalize two teams for wagering purposes. The book acheives this by requiring the better team to win by a predetermined number of points for a bet on that team to cash.

For example, if Team X is favored by 6.5 points over Team Y, a bet on the favorite “giving” 6.5 points means Team X would have to win by at least seven points for the bet to cash. On the other hand, a bet on the underdog “getting” 6.5 points means Team Y could lose by as many as six points, and the bet would still be a winner.

Books typically price spread bets at -110 odds on both the favorite and underdog, meaning you must risk $1.10 to produce a net win of $1 (for a total return of $2.10 — original stake plus winnings).

The most traditional types of wagers, a spread can be bet as a single-game wager or become part of a parlay. In those scenarios, you can combine two or more spreads in a parlay to create higher potential payouts.

While it’s standard practice for oddsmakers to list the spread for any matchup before accepting wagers, a unique feature of the PointsBet Sportsbook empowers its customers to initiate that process themselves.

This happens by permitting bettors to determine the precise spread they would prefer for a given matchup. Bettors then receive similar odds to that customized number.

For example, say Team X is posted as a seven-point favorite versus Team Y at -110 odds. However, if you prefer to wager on Team X as a three-point favorite instead. The wagerer merely needs to utilize the “Pick Your Spread” feature to request your preferred spread, and the book will honor the customized spread at an adjusted price.

You will have to pay a premium when requesting a customized spread that provides a higher probability of winning than the posted spread (such as in the example above). Conversely, requesting a customized spread that has a lower probability of winning than the posted spread will result in escalating potential returns.


The total, also known as the over/under, refers to the cumulative number of expected points in a given matchup. You have the option of wagering on the combined score of the two teams either going over or under the listed total.

For example, say oddsmakers list a total of 47 points for a football game between Team X and Team Y. If you make a wager on the over, a winning bet requires the teams to score at least 48 combined points. If the total ends up at 46 or fewer the bet would lose, while a possible final score of 27-20 — for exactly 47 points —would result in a push, meaning you would receive a refund of your stake.

Similar to spread bets, books usually price totals at -110 odds on both the over and the under, meaning you must risk $1.10 to earn a profit of $1 (for a total return of $2.10 — original stake plus winnings).

In addition to their popularity as single-game bets, totals are also often used as part of parlays. In those scenarios, you can combine two or more totals in a parlay to create higher potential payouts.

As with adjusting the points spread, PointsBet also offers you the opportunity to determine the precise total you would prefer for a given matchup. You then receive corresponding odds to that customized number.

For example, say the total is posted at 47 points in a matchup between Team X and Team Y, but you prefer a total of 43 to make a wager on the over more winnable. Then you merely need to utilize the “Pick Your Total” feature to request your preferred total, and the book will honor the customized total at an adjusted price.


A prop bet is a wager on a specific player- or team-related event during a game, with corresponding odds assigned to the potential outcomes of that event.

Also known as the proposition, the easiest way to understand a prop bet is to think of it as a scenario that an oddsmaker presents to bettors, who then decide whether or not that scenario will occur.

For a player-related example, “Player X will score a touchdown” represents a common football prop. You can take a yes or no position on the prop, with the odds of each outcome varies depending on the player.

If, for instance, oddsmakers assign +130 odds to the yes outcome and Player X scores a touchdown, then if you wager $1 on that prop, it would earn a net win of $1.30 (for a total return of $2.30 — original stake plus winnings).

For a team-related example, Team X will score first in its matchup versus Team Y. If the odds of taking a no position are -130, then you would have to wager $1.30 to produce a net win of $1. If Team X does not score first, the bet will cash for a total return of $2.30 — original stake plus winnings.

One distinguishing characteristic of a prop bet is that the outcome of the prop doesn’t always affect the outcome of the game. However, there’s often a correlation between the two.

In the example, “Team X will score first in its matchup versus Team Y,” the yes outcome would naturally correlate to Team X winning the game due to the early lead it would have had to establish against Team Y. Therefore, you should consider the potential for similar correlations when assessing props.

You can also customize props on the PointsBet platform by determining the precise performance-related prop you would prefer for a given player. You would then receive corresponding odds to that customized number.

For instance, say Player X is assigned a scoring prop of 20 points but you prefer a scoring prop of 15 points to make a wager on the over more winnable. You merely need to utilize the “Pick Your Prop” feature to request your preferred prop, and the book will honor your customized prop at an adjusted price.

As with point spreads and totals, you should keep in mind that you will have to pay a premium when requesting a customized prop that provides a higher probability of winning than the posted prop (such as in the example above).

Conversely, requesting a customized prop that has a lower probability of winning than the posted prop will result in escalating potential returns.

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A parlay involves betting on two or more outcomes at once and combining the bets into a more involved wager with escalating returns.

You can choose from moneylines, spreads and totals to add as legs to your parlay. The most important thing to know about a parlay is that each leg must win for the parlay to cash.

For example, consider if you make a three-leg parlay containing the Team X moneyline at -175 odds, the Team Y moneyline at +140 odds and the Team Z spread at -6 with -110 odds. A $1 bet on this parlay would result in a profit of $6.20 (for a total return of $7.20 — original stake plus winnings). However, that’s assuming all three legs hit; if Team X and Team Y both win but Team Z fails to cover the six-point spread, the parlay would not be a winner.

As illustrated in the example above, parlays are tough bets to win. But because of their low-risk, high-reward potential, they nonetheless represent preferred wagers for many recreational bettors.

Some quick notes on parlays: You can have a maximum of 12 legs, and cannot combine two legs from the same event (i.e., playing moneyline and over/under).


A futures bet involves making a wager on a player- or team-related outcome that won’t be settled until the conclusion of that season. The most common futures bet consists in wagering on a team to win its respective league championship.

Sportsbooks will typically release futures odds for the upcoming season soon after the conclusion of the previous season, and then accordingly update and adjust the odds throughout the offseason as more information becomes known about each team.

The benefit of wagering on futures is that you can turn a small amount of money into a significant payout if you place your bet on the right long shot.

The most famous example of a futures bet turning into a windfall of cash came when Leicester City won the 2015-16 English Premier League title after beginning the season with 5,000-to-1 odds, which is to say a mere $1 bet on Leicester City before the season would have resulted in a $5,000 win.

In-play wagering

PointsBet offers opportunities to wager in-game once the game begins. Odds are betting options are posted and updated throughout each available live game.

What is PointsBetting?

PointsBetting takes a traditional wager like a spread, a total or a prop and adds a unique twist whereby your potential winnings or losses aren’t fixed, but variable right until the end of the game.

The idea behind PointsBetting is that the more you are correct in your predictions, the higher your winnings. Conversely, the more you are off in your predictions, the higher your losses. That’s because your stake is multiplied — either positively or negatively — by whatever the difference is between the final result and the original spread, total or prop that you wagered.

How PointsBetting works

For example, consider if you wager $1 on Team X as a favorite of seven points. If Team X wins by 13 points— covering the spread by six points — you will earn a profit of $6 (or six times your original $1 stake). Conversely, if Team X wins by one point —failing to cover the spread by six points you will lose $6 (or six times the original $1 stake).

Each market available for wagering has its own unique multiplier cap, which varies based on the volatility of that specific market. For example, some markets may allow for a win/loss multiplier of up to 250x, while other markets have a 10x cap.

Depending on the multiplier cap of a given market, part of your balance is withheld to cover potential losses. Regardless of the cap, the sportsbook always shows the “balance withheld,” “max win level” and “max loss level” of a market before finalizing a PointsBetting wager.

If you are a risk-averse bettor, you also have the option of choosing your customized multiplier caps or “stop losses,” which limit the potential win/loss multipliers for a specific wager. So, if you choose a stop loss of five times and makes a PointsBetting wager of $1, you can win or lose no more than $5 regardless of the outcome of the game.

Other PointsBet NJ wagering types

PointsBet also offers a range of bet types based around time (in minutes or seconds), player stats and multipliers.

Time-based wagers for NBA, for example, include up to 500 bet types per game including more than 100 bet types not available at other New Jersey sportsbooks. There is a range of bet types that are time-based — in minutes or seconds — for certain events to also have the bet types using seconds or minutes as the units for multipliers.

Here are some examples of the new bet types:

  • NBA: Time of first free-throws to be made by players and teams, time of first three-point field goal by teams and players, time of first two-point field goal for teams and players, time for players to pass three points, five points, 10 points or 15 points; time of first fouls committed; and much more.
  • NFL: Time of the first goal, time of first behind, time of team passing 10 or 20 points.
  • League/Union: Time of first try, time of team-first try’s.
  • Ice Hockey: Time of first goal, time of team goals, time of first penalty, time of first shot.
  • Soccer: Time of team and match first goal, time of second goal, time of third goal.

There are player stats type bet across all major sports. From NBA player shooting percentages to player points, rebounds and assists, to NFL quarterback completion to receiving/rushing yards.

Additionally, multiplier bets allow you to back your predictions and get maximum leverage. It is an edge-of-your-seat, heart-in-the-mouth type of betting experience for the entirety of a sporting event.

Multipliers are available across a range of statistics or points bet types for most major sports.

Customer support

PointsBet offers online chat support on a 24/7 basis. Customers can also contact customer service via email.

PointsBet NJ sports betting security

As a customer, you must enter your password and log in every time you want to use PointsBet. You can also opt for “strong authentication” in the “My Account” page to protect your account.

Multifactor authentication is a security system that requires more than one way to verify your credentials.

If enabled, PointsBet will text you a code to your mobile device that must be used to log in along with your password.

Deposit options at PointsBet NJ

PointsBet currently offers the following deposit options:

  • Bank ACH/e-check
  • Visa or Mastercard credit card
  • PointsBet’s card, which links back to an existing credit card.

Withdrawal options at PointsBet NJ

You can withdraw using PointsBet’s card and ACH/e-check.

PointsBet Sportsbook FAQ

How old does someone have to be to play PointsBet?

Customers must be at least 21 years old.

Do you have to be in New Jersey to bet at PointsBet?

You can only access and wager on the sportsbook when you are within the state of New Jersey.

Where does PointsBet’s receive its gambling license?

It is partnering with Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey

Is there a loyalty program at PointsBet Sportsbook?

PointsBet.com offers a traditional loyalty program, even as some other sportsbooks are moving away from such programs. You can track your points on the “rewards” page.

As a player, you receive one rewards point per dollar you wager on fixed odds markets. Also, one point per dollar won or lost on PointsBetting markets, as well as five rewards points for each dollar wagered on parlays. After you settle your wagers, you then receive the points. Points can then be redeemed for cash: 100 points = $1.

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