DraftKings Online Casino NJ Launches Heads-Up Poker Game Featuring Kevin Hart

Written By Hill Kerby on March 28, 2023 - Last Updated on March 30, 2023
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Kevin Hart and DraftKings have upped the ante once more after forging a partnership last year.

The storied actor and comedian’s personalized Texas Hold’em-themed game is now available at the NJ online casino for players 21 and up and present in New Jersey.

The aptly named “Hart-Race Hold’em” allows players to play a heads-up version of the popular poker game one-on-one against an animated version of Hart. Players will enjoy more than 1,100 unique sayings from Hart himself, adding even more fun for casual and serious poker players alike.

The new DraftKings NJ game showcases Hart’s love for poker

Before signing on with DraftKings, Hart was an ambassador for two of the largest online poker sites worldwide, PokerStars (2017-2019) and PartyPoker (2020-2022).

His new game brings him to the table in a one-on-one game with a custom-designed background featuring a fictional “DK Comedy Club”. The marquee reads, “Playing Tonight! Kevin Hart”.

DraftKings said in a statement that the game was built entirely in-house, adding: 

“Hart-Race Hold’em spares no detail from the comedy night club background setting to Kevin Hart’s animated gestures and competitive spirit, this game is entertaining and user-friendly. Hart-Race Hold’em is similar to Texas Hold’em rules but includes bad beat in-game bonuses for an additional chance to win.”

How to play Hart-Race Hold’em at DraftKings

Upon sitting at the virtual table, players receive a tutorial on the game’s rules.

Players start by making a bet before receiving two hole cards, just like in Texas Hold’em. From there, Hart deals the cards and proceeds to go all in—every time.

These conditions leave the player with two decisions: fold and surrender the bet or call and go for the chance to double up. Each time a player calls, Hart brings a five-card runout, narrating one-liners on every street, flop, turn and river.

After the runout, the best five-card hand wins. Players double their money with a win and have opportunities at other bad beat bonuses, including losing to a four-of-a-kind or better (1,000:1), aces full (100:1) or any other full house (10:1).

Play against a smack-talking Hart

Naturally, Hart’s commentary runs throughout the entire game. Early testing from PlayUSA revealed a small sample of quotes that players can expect: 

  • “Good luck. Ha! I already won.”
  • “Without the river, there would be no fish.”
  • “What? You won with a measly high card?! Chicken fried (censored) is what this is.”
  • “It’s about time you found a hand.”
  • “Double trouble on the bubble-like Barney Rubble”

New Jersey the perfect market to debut games

As of now, Hart-Race Hold’em is available exclusively in New Jersey. 

This marks the second time since October that DraftKings chose the Garden State as its first market to debut a new game or feature. Last fall, it released a new progressive jackpot network that involved a wide range of games, including slots, blackjack, roulette and video poker.

While online casinos continue to grow in several US states, New Jersey remains the most established. By debuting games on the NJ platform, DraftKings shows that New Jersey’s market is still the litmus test for the rest of the country.

Hart continues taking an active role in DraftKings partnership

After joining the DraftKings team last year, Hart was a prominent spokesperson for the DraftKings sportsbook throughout the 2022 NFL season. He wrapped that up with a Super Bowl commercial that included more than a half-dozen other stars across sports and entertainment.

Now, he’s got his own game inside the casino. What’s next? 

Hart has mass appeal, with wide-reaching skill sets that relate to millions around the world. Continued advertising exposure is a given. But his promotional value is also immense, with the possibility of performing at branded or exclusive events.

Beyond music and comedy, he’s a successful entrepreneur with his hands in multiple baskets, including the recently-formed production company, HARTBEAT, which was involved in developing his Super Bowl commercial.

Hart’s creativity continues to reach new heights, and his new DraftKings game is more proof of that. Whatever he comes up with next won’t surprise us.

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