NJ Gambling Bills Would Rein In Ads, Prohibit Sports Betting Deals With Colleges

Written By David Danzis on June 23, 2023
new jersey senator joseph cryan asks questions

As the New Jersey Legislature gears up for its summer break, one lawmaker is making a push for legislation that would impose restrictions on certain advertising practices and business agreements within the gambling industry.

Sen. Joe Cryan, D-Union, is sponsoring two bills, S4020 and S4021, which aim to regulate NJ sports betting advertising and college partnerships involving gambling operators. Additionally, Cryan is lending his support to SR127, a resolution that denounces the increasing prevalence of pro-gambling advertisements.

Banning NJ sports betting deals between colleges, gambling companies

As it stands, S4020 serves as the Senate companion bill to Assembly bill A5226 and focuses on curbing sports betting partnerships at public institutions of higher education.

The proposed legislation seeks to prohibit such partnerships, recognizing their potential negative impact on students and the educational environment.

No more misleading sports betting, online gambling commercials

The other bill Cryan is sponsoring, S4021, prohibits New Jersey sports betting and casino operators from utilizing fraudulent or deceptive advertisements.

While the legislation does not define these terms precisely, it intends to create transparency and protect consumers from misleading advertising practices.

Additionally, the bill would prevent companies from targeting individuals who have voluntarily excluded themselves from gambling activities and those below the legal betting age of 21.

At least stop showing gambling ads every 45 seconds

In line with these efforts, SR127 acts as a Senate companion resolution to AR168, expressing concerns over the proliferation of pro-gambling advertisements.

The resolution aims to bring attention to the growing presence of gambling-related promotional material across various platforms.

Funny things happen in Trenton during lame-duck season

The State Legislature will break for the summer soon. The current fiscal year ends on June 30. Since 2023 is an election year, the fall calendar for Trenton lawmakers will be light until after November’s General Election.

The ensuing “lame-duck session” is likely to see a flurry of action as outgoing legislators push for their pet causes.

The fate of these bills remains uncertain. They will need to navigate the legislative process, including committee reviews and votes, before potentially becoming law.

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