How NJ Ospreys Are Cutting Into Golden Nugget Casino Marketing Budget

Written By Stephanie Loder on July 28, 2022 - Last Updated on August 3, 2022
Golden Nugget Casino Billboard

Golden Nugget Atlantic City is aware Dionne Warwick has left the stage.

However, an outdated advertisement for Warwick remains on a billboard along the Atlantic City Expressway heading into the city.

So while other Atlantic City casinos are busy updating with new entertainment and restaurant offerings, Golden Nugget is waiting. There’s an environmentally sensitive reason behind why Golden Nugget isn’t making a change.

Golden Nugget sees it as more of an environmental action pledge to a family of ospreys who set up a nest on top of the billboard, which is owned by Clear Channel media.

What’s the story with Golden Nugget’s live entertainment plans?

Even before Warwick appeared, an osprey family built a nest on top of the billboard, which also advertises the April 30 appearance of Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Rydell. Rydell died April 5.

The osprey nest is made of sticks, grasses, and reeds is obvious at the top corner of the billboard. The good news is Golden Nugget Atlantic City is now closing its showroom.

So while The Spinners (Sept. 17) and Andrew Dice Clay (Oct. 15) are not yet being advertised above the AC Expressway, there is definitely more live entertainment coming.

As far as when the billboard will be changing, the Golden Nugget social media team updated customers on its Facebook page:


And as of early Thursday afternoon, the post had nearly 300 comments. One of them is:

“Well, if that doesn’t pull on every bird lover’s heart strings…,” said Noelle DiSomma

So Golden Nugget will continue playing the waiting game.

In New Jersey, ospreys are listed as threatened under the Endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act of 1973.

Nests are protected in the nesting season from April 1 through August 31.

This means the earliest the sign can be replaced is Sept. 1.

Ospreys are perched on billboards both inbound and outbound on the Atlantic City Expressway. However, closer to the back bays is where they can feed on fish and bring it back to the nest.

Ospreys perched on a Resorts billboard, too

Apparently, the Birds are not selective about picking casino billboards ads. 

Even more ospreys are perched on other billboards within the last mile into Atlantic City.

The osprey pair atop the Resorts ad (pictured above) are noticeable to inbound city visitors. So is their nest.

Like Golden Nugget, the Resorts provided a statement that supports protecting the ospreys.

“We fully support Clear Channel, the company we rent the board from, protecting wildlife. It’s been a lot of fun to watch the birds grow over the past few months.”

And on the way out of Atlantic City, there’s another atop a billboard with an ad for Atlantis.

The Atlantis ad, with at least two ospreys perched atop, reminds motorists leaving Atlantic City there’s another casino to visit. Of course, that resort is an airplane ride away.

Atlantic City hotel connection with winged wildlife

Atlantic City’s tall casino buildings also have a history with wildlife such as ospreys and peregrine falcons.

In 2021, a nesting box for peregrine falcons was installed at the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel.

In 2018,  a pair of New Jersey’s peregrine falcons found a home on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino roof while construction took place at the building. The state DEP installed an igloo hoping the peregrines would move in, but instead one died and the other disappeared.

And, atop the 23rd floor of the former Atlantic Club, which has been closed since 2014, a pair of peregrines nested at the property beginning in 1988.


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